Data Analytics

Creating new insights from data.

Almost every move we make these days—is that your third cup of coffee?—generates data. And it generates a whole lot of noise, too. That’s where data analytics at OST come in. We’ll herd that flock of data, shear ‘em and weave the stuff into a big, cozy comprehensive story. A story that can be used to guide critical business outcomes, faster. We develop visualization systems that allow business leaders, customers and decision makers to manipulate complete sets of data, in just the click of a button. Compare this to the hours and days it used to take to unearth the same information—with piles of complicated reports that still couldn’t paint the whole picture. OST delivers a true data dashboard that’s easy to access and manipulate—in real time. It tells a visual story with genuine business benefits.

Customer Voice

“The OST analytics team is skilled, knowledgeable, friendly, and was able to quickly understand and adapt to Metro Health’s reporting and analytics needs. The OST team has looked beyond the original scope of work, bringing value to Metro Health where it was not expected; data preparation and modeling improvements, alternative approaches to deployment, enhanced documentation standards, etc. It is evident the OST team views Metro as a partner, doing what is necessary to help keep Metro Health successful. Because of this, we continue to make OST part of our team.”

Thomas Fantin

Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics, Metro Health Innovation Center

Customer Voice

“I cannot say enough about the services provided to us by the experts at OST. We have used them to help us ramp up our efforts to be more sophisticated analytics-driven decision makers. OST’s datamart architecture team and their trainers on interface utilization (we use Tableau) have been critical to our efforts. I appreciate their expertise, their A+ project management skills, and willingness to teach us certain skills to help our in-house staff accomplish more things autonomously, which is necessary to help us scale. When we deem our current project complete, we will look to OST first for any of the other initiatives we want to tackle that OST has the skillset to make us better!”

Mike Zeilstra

CFO, Comfort Research

Data Analytics Capabilities


Big Data

Data and insights are tomorrow’s currency. Data scientists and engineers use data sandboxes to develop insights and algorithms that enable end users, transform your business and evolve your next generation of products.


Data Analytics

Helping you know what you don’t know, by making sense of the data generated by the product. The data can be analyzed for the individual user, for the manufacturer, and for any group in between. Making use of the data generated by connected products, by machines, by organizational processes, is one of the biggest ways an organization can gain valuable insights and create value.


Cloud Architecture & Development

We build data processing architectures that ingest, process and store large complex data sets at a low cost. These architectures serve as a great foundation for creating industry leading digital experiences and insights.


Data Visualization

Using technology and design, we create static or interactive representations of data that reinforce understanding.


Operational Reporting

Once insights are developed, we will work with your organization to scale these processes within the larger system so the whole organization can benefit.

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