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Unlock the Power of Your Data

In today’s digital age, almost everything we do generates data. And it generates a whole lot of noise, too. Every business has data, but it is often difficult to manage. The data may have too many variables to be fully confident in it. And teams struggle to quickly gain actionable insights from it.

That’s where data analytics services at OST come in.

At OST, we will navigate through your data and compile it into a comprehensive story that can be used to guide critical business decisions — faster. By leveraging data analytics tools and business intelligence (BI) software, we help organizations create a platform that streamlines incoming data and arranges it into customizable visual dashboards.

With clean data, automation and meaningful visualizations, business leaders, stakeholders and decision-makers can manipulate complete sets of data with just the click of a button.

Some of the initial benefits of implementing our data analytics architecture include:

  • Quickly solve critical reporting needs
  • Reduce inefficacies and improve business decision-making
  • Confidently grow with a data analytics platform that scales
  • Provide users with access to meaningful data and insights
  • Mitigate risks and obstacles

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Achieve New Business Potential

Diagram showing of pieces coming together. Four stages, from left to right, from most scattered to most unified: Data, Sorted, Presented Visually, Explained with a Story.

Generate New Value With Data Insights

Organizations have access to more data now than ever before. That sounds great, but data has no value unless your business knows how to use it. Using analytical tools to gather and make sense of data has become essential for successful business operations and growth. How are businesses making use of their data?

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Business Performance Improvement

Organizations can summarize historical data, converting it into relevant information to inform business decision-making and enact impactful change on performance.

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Customer Experience Enhancement

Delivering outstanding customer experiences relies on data. Collecting and analyzing consumer data enables personalized experiences that help organizations connect with their consumers and gain a competitive advantage.

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Increasing Revenue and Margin

Analyzing trends by market, product segments and other categories helps businesses identify pricing improvement opportunities and areas with profit shortcomings.

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More Accurate and Comprehensive Forecasting

Organizations can optimize forecasts by applying statistical and predictive data models to help analyze KPIs for bias and other errors to improve future outcomes.

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Product Optimization

Collecting and evaluating product data allows manufacturers to optimize performance, diagnose issues and create long-term value for consumers.

Is your organization leveraging data in these ways? Are you struggling to effectively make use of your data in other ways? You may need to re-frame how you are approaching the challenge of making your data work for you.

Four Data Analytics Maturity Levels

When you work with OST’s business intelligence consultants, our team examines your data to understand your analytical needs, tracks the evolution of your company’s ability to manage its data and identifies ways you can use it effectively to generate value.

Most organizations progress through four key stages of data analytics maturity as they grow:

White circle with colorful rings inside. From the outside to inside: gray, gray, gray, and blue.

Descriptive Data Analytics

Many businesses leverage data to analyze what happened in the past by gathering and visualizing historical data.

White circle with colorful rings inside. From the outside to inside: gray, gray, green, and blue.

Diagnostic Data Analytics

Next, businesses identify patterns in their available data to explain why something has happened. This can be done as a post-mortem or in real-time.

White circle with colorful rings inside. From the outside to inside: gray, orange, green, and blue.

Predictive Analytics

Forward-thinking organizations then utilize their data to develop possible forecasts of what will happen in the future. Predictive analytics capabilities can be significantly improved using machine learning.

White circle with colorful rings inside. From the outside to inside: red, orange, green, and blue.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics goes beyond simply predicting possible outcomes and provides deep insights into why predictions have been developed as well as the implications of different decisions. Prescriptive analytics allows organizations to better evaluate the potential effects of decisions, achieve optimal outcomes and avoid risks.

Keep in mind that there is room for new business growth at every level of business intelligence maturity. And with the help of OST’s experts, implementing incremental steps in data transformation can create tremendous value and new opportunities for your company.

What Can OST’s Data Consultants Do For You?

When you work with OST, our uniquely qualified and highly skilled experts help business leaders visually analyze a broad range of data to gain meaningful insights that drive revenue and innovation. Our cross-functional team can meet you wherever you are in the analytics process, from determining key metrics to implementing new data architecture solutions and beyond. We will enable you to understand your data to improve decision-making and business processes by eliminating the time and investment required to get started on your own. And we continually look for optimizations and automation that will create new efficiencies and drive lasting value for your business.

All our data offerings are tailored to each organization’s unique needs. Some of our most popular data analytics services include:

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Advanced Analytics Services

We help you know what you don’t know by making sense of your data. First, we organize the data generated by connected products, machines, sensors, organizational processes, customer behavior and other sources. Then, we employ statistical analysis, machine learning, automation and predictive modeling to uncover patterns and empower business leaders.

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Modern Data Warehousing

Housing data in a central repository, such as a data warehouse, enables organizations to quickly analyze data to make more informed decisions faster. This data can be accessed through SQL clients, business intelligence tools and other analytics applications to meet the specific needs of your teams.

Blue circle with four squares in a diamond shape.

Big Data Platform Creation and Configuration

Big data and insights are tomorrow’s currency. Data analysts and engineers look at the volume, variety, velocity and value of data to develop insights and algorithms that will help transform organizations and evolve the next generation of products and services. OST has a foundation of proprietary tools and processes that allow us to move quickly while catering a data analytics solution to your organization’s unique needs.

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Data Visualization Services

With OST’s cross-functional expertise in technology and design, we create static and interactive visual representations of data that promote understanding. Highly customizable charts, graphs, dashboards and other data visualizations are powerful tools for communicating complex information.

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Business Intelligence Training

We empower your team by providing the training they need to succeed with data analytics. Our experts go beyond just creating a BI solution. We work alongside your team to train and enable them with tools, documentation and insights that will bring new value to your business long after our project work concludes.

Proven Experts and Solutions for All Your Data Analytics Needs

With OST’s multi-disciplinary approach, we integrate human-centered design to bring data to life and uncover the right problem to solve as your business unlocks the potential of your data.

We help you tell a story with data that will enable teams to drive revenue, reduce costs and identify new opportunities. Our Data Analytics Team has repeatedly helped customers across industries benefit from implementing data analytics solutions. And as a strategic partner for your organization, we’ll help you achieve your business goals with our proactive processes, deep expertise and dedication to your success.

Our most popular solutions are built around scenarios such as the following:

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Data Analytics for Complex Configurable Products

With a customized CET analytics tool, organizations can successfully measure the ROI of their complex configurable products and identify enhancement opportunities for product and user experiences. Our experts will work with your team to optimize a custom metrics dashboard that analyzes a broad range of data to gain a deeper understanding of how customers interact with your products and what user behaviors drive the most revenue within CET extensions. This customized metrics dashboard condenses data visually to demonstrate how effectively your company is achieving e-commerce objectives.

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Data Platforms for Digital Products

Digital products range from SaaS to mobile apps to online experiences to an ever-exploding variety of other products and services. Savvy, innovative companies are continually driving customer-focused change and business growth through data insights collected from digitally connected products. Working with OST, your business can save valuable time by implementing a customized data platform that collects relevant data, performs analysis quickly and provides your teams with a deep understanding of users, products and services.

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Modern Data Analytics Architectures

By leveraging modern data analytics architectures, OST helps organizations utilize real-time analytics by arranging it into customizable dashboards that are valuable across the entire business. These custom data solutions give organizations access to data using a scalable tool that allows teams to analyze, collaborate and solve root-cause issues via visual interfaces. OST’s experts build — and support — solutions using our proven data ingestion framework. Explore how we helped Mill Steel build a flexible Power BI analytics tool that integrates with their ERP solution and quickly analyzes data and insights.

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Centralized Data Warehouse Management

Using a data warehouse to manage and analyze data from various sources allows organizations to quickly make data-driven decisions. OST’s experts help businesses (from industrial manufacturers to finance and healthcare institutions) securely store enormous amounts of data in one optimized location designed to perform data analysis, queries and reporting. Utilizing a centralized data warehouse allows your business to easily collect, store and retrieve information in a single system with secure access across your entire organization.

Customer Voice

"The OST analytics team is skilled, knowledgable, friendly, and was able to quickly understand and adapt to Metro Health's reporting and analytics needs. The OST team has looked beyond the original scope of work, bringing value to Metro Health where it was not expected; data preparation and modeling improvements, alternative approaches to deployment, enhanced documentation standards, etc. It is evident the OST team views Metro as a partner, doing what is necessary to help keep Metro Health successful. Because of this, we continue to make OST part of our team."
Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics  |  Metro Health Innovation Center
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OST’s Proven Process for Data Analytics Consulting

We work alongside clients to build alignment across teams, execute projects efficiently, provide support over the long term and help you leverage data to drive tangible insights and innovation. Our expertise in data architecture, analytics, reporting, design and other disciplines provides value-building solutions to organizational leaders and execution teams across your business, empowering them with the information they need to drive faster, more accurate decision-making.

Below are some of the key steps in a typical engagement with OST’s Data Analytics Team.

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Discovery and Planning

  • Define goals of data analysis.
  • Develop strategic action plans.
  • Establish KPIs
  • Identify opportunities focused on decision-enhancing analytics.
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Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Analytics Solution

  • Architect and provision resources.
  • Expand reporting capabilities by developing architecture.
  • Build data transformation processes.
  • Perform data validation to measure the quality of data.
  • Build datasets, reports and dashboards.
  • Review and refine with analysts, users and stakeholders.
Red circle with a white ring and the number 3 inside.

Implementing, Scaling and Focusing on Adoption

  • Train analysts and users in new capabilities.
  • Collaborate with teams to review and adjust analytics capabilities.
  • Implement monitoring and alerting functions.
  • Tune and optimize the solution.

Go Beyond Data Analytics With OST

Data is central to creating meaningful, delightful, effective experiences. Your employees and your consumers are continually exposed to new experiences that elevate their expectations. That ongoing change raises the bar for industry leaders. To stay relevant and compete for employees and consumers, organizations need to reorient business practices to address those shifting needs and expectations. That requires a deep understanding of both consumers and employees as well as alignment across teams to deliver meaningf

At OST, we are uniquely qualified to help you overcome the challenges slowing down and blocking success in new, experience-driven digital spaces. And that goes beyond analyzing data to enhance business processes. It can involve reimagining your business strategy, leveraging technology to solve complex business challenges, gaining a deeper understanding of your consumers and market and so much more. OST is ready to roll up our sleeves to deliver value where you need it most. We have a full range of expertise in design, software development, managed services and more.

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