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“Data recovery” has become a prominent buzzword in IT. Right now, the industry is saturated with data protection and recovery solutions, but many of these are outdated.

As organizations move forward with digital transformation and cyberthreats continue to evolve, recovery strategies and processes must be brought up to speed.

OST has two decades of successful infrastructure design, management and optimization experience behind us. We’re ready to help you assess your unique risks and develop a solution that fits your organization’s specific needs.

With OST, you gain all the benefits of working with experienced, certified, knowledgeable consultants:

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Partner and Platform Agnostic

We get to know your organization and your unique needs so we can recommend an optimal solution. We recognize that a large healthcare organization or financial institution will have drastically different needs compared to a regional manufacturer. We want to craft the right solution for your needs, not the most expensive or elaborate one.

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Comprehensive and Cross-Functional Expertise

We have a holistic understanding of and approach to IT infrastructure. With deep experience in business, healthcare, manufacturing and a variety of other industries, we work alongside your organization to align stakeholders across business and technical roles to work toward a clear, focused goal.

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Management and Maintenance

Our experts can both design and support several different solutions. Once the solutions are implemented, our team can manage and provide regularly scheduled tests to validate the solution. Regularly upkeeping your infrastructure solutions is important as cyberthreats are continuously evolving. We recognize these threats and attacks and continue to provide security assessments and pen tests to identify risk.

Secure Your Data

Traditional Data Recovery Solutions Are Inadequate

Many traditional data recovery solutions copy an organization’s primary data to low-cost storage on-prem or off-site, or both. These repositories house terabytes (and potentially petabytes) of data, and the recovery mechanism is often produced there as well. However, this approach is not enough to protect your brand against modern threats.

First, consider how long it takes to recover a data set, whether small or large. The stored data must be identified, ordered, brought back onsite and then restored. For a small dataset, this amount of effort may be acceptable, but what about large datasets? For most organizations, any data unavailability means a significant loss of productivity, even if it’s only a short period of time.

Second, once the data is finally restored, it must be checked to ensure it is clean. Is it usable? Will it effectively meet the needs of the business? If your data is out of date, affected by malware or compromised in some other way, your business will suffer even after you “recover” your data.

You Need Modern Data Recovery

Businesses are working to make money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And data is the driving factor for operations, lead generation, financial transactions and so much more. A modern data recovery approach provides enterprise-level organizations with secure, clean and usable secondary data for timely, comprehensive recovery, no matter the cause of data loss.

We are no longer protecting our data from hardware failures, human error and disaster. We also need to protect our data so we can recover if corruption is caused by a deliberate intent to harm.

One of the key features of a modern data recovery solution is a sophisticated analytics engine. With an analytics engine that monitors production data and secondary data, anomalies can often be detected before a data restore is required. And the analytics engine can even provide the best point in time to recover based on the state of the secondary data if production data is compromised.

Other key features of modern data recovery solutions include:

  • Air-gapped, immutable data recovery
  • Transfer online applications directly from the backup copy – on-premise or in the cloud

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Cyber Recovery: What’s the Difference?

Although it is feasible to have a common suite of tools that provides backup, disaster recovery and cyber recovery, important differences exist between these solutions.

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Data backup is the most basic way of reducing your organization’s risk of data loss. With a simple backup solution, your essential data is copied to a storage area (often the cloud). Your data can then be recovered from storage if files are accidentally deleted or corrupted. A traditional backup solution will not replicate your entire data center functionality, so if your data center goes down, backups of your data won’t help you get back online in the case of a disaster.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is essentially a backup of your entire data center. It is generally connected to your production environment at all times, and it replicates data from production to your DR environment. It is intended to get your organization back up and running quickly with minimal data loss and downtime if disaster strikes. Unfortunately, the continuous connection between DR and production means that compromised data in production can very easily translate to compromised data in your DR environment.

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Cyber Recovery

Cyber recovery adds a layer of protection compared to disaster recovery. By pushing data to an isolated system (a “cyber vault”) with immutable storage and advanced analytics to isolate anomalous data, your organization can save a comprehensive copy of clean data that can be used to restore your production environment in the case of ransomware or other cyberattacks.

A cyber recovery solution may have a longer recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO), but it can ensure that you don’t have to pay a ransom for your data and that you can effectively recover from other devastating disasters.

Key Questions for a Modern Recovery Solution

A modern approach considers three key aspects of data recovery: data recovery, cybersecurity and cyber recovery. Each organization’s set of solutions will look different, but some of the fundamental questions that you will want to consider include the following:

  • How does our organization restore data if it becomes unavailable due to deletion or corruption?
  • How fast does that recovery need to happen?
  • How current does the recovered data need to be?
  • How does our organization keep important data unavailable to bad actors, both outside of the network or inside our data center?
  • Knowing that our organization’s data will be compromised in the future, how do we maintain a clean copy of critical data that is fully secured?

The simple fact of modern cybersecurity is that IT professionals are no longer just protecting data against unintentional corruption and disaster. Because cybersecurity is not perfect and there are always new methods of finding holes in security, organizations must have clean data they can restore in the event of corruption caused by an intent to harm.

Why Work With OST for Modern Data Recovery?

Every organization starts somewhere with data security. We understand that it’s crucial to find the right solution for your risk profile, goals and budget. At OST, our experts are ready to learn about your business and develop a data protection plan tailored to your needs. Build your organization’s confidence and consumer trust by contacting OST today.

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