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Times have changed. Universally, more people (and more businesses) are purchasing products online, causing a major shift in consumer behavior focused on convenience and personalization.

With this emphasis on tailor-made products, businesses are accelerating digital service development. In addition to implementing e-commerce services, organizations are rethinking and reimagining their selling process by building or adopting product configurator applications to optimize quoting, designing and selling complex configurable products.

At OST, we help businesses of all sizes strategically develop, deploy, support and analyze product configurators. We can help your organization at any stage of development, from planning and creating your first digital configurator to managing your ever-growing product catalog. Whether you want to enhance the quoting, design or selling process of your configurable products or you want to establish a presence in new online marketplaces, you can expect our team of experts to deliver immediate return on e-commerce objectives.

We will help you:

  • Enable shorter sales cycles.
  • Reduce time creating quotes.
  • Reduce order entry errors.
  • Generate new revenue opportunities for product lines.
  • Ensure high-quality user experiences.
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction for your brand.

With OST’s Configuration Services Team, your organization can go beyond just creating a digital product configurator. We’ll help you create personalized customer experiences that distinguish you from competitors, generate new revenue and inspire innovation.

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OST’s Approach to Product Configurators

When organizing complex ideas, simplicity matters. This is no different for configurable products within robust product catalogs.

Our approach focuses on delivering exceptional user experiences that allow customers to interactively personalize and purchase products. We have a proven process for working alongside clients, building alignment across teams, executing projects efficiently, supporting digital products over the long-term and analyzing configurator data to drive insights and innovation.

Below are some of the milestones in a typical engagement with OST’s Configuration Services Team.

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At the beginning of our relationship, we want to identify the problems you are trying to solve, establish clear goals and objectives and move forward strategically. First, our team consults with your organization to learn about your business, share our capabilities and collaborate to define a minimum viable product (MVP) that will deliver immediate return on your investment. From there, we can develop a basic configurator while continuing to leverage the MVP platform to scale with each offering your business wants to offer.

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At every step of the process, our team works closely with stakeholders and other team members at your business to create the highest quality product configurator. We emphasize collaboration with our clients to ensure the best functionality and design is delivered for your unique selling process and your target customers.

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Design and Development

Our approach to design is focused on the consumer experience. We work with you to identify challenges in the customer journey that must be overcome and determine how information should flow throughout key processes. With years of experience in software design and development, our team develops, tests and releases products using the agile framework. Our proven methodology helps organizations bring product configurators to market faster and with extremely high quality.

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Analysis and Innovation

We work side by side with your team to define and measure key performance indicators of your configurable products. We will analyze data to gain actionable insights about your customers and how they interact with your products. Using customized metrics dashboards, we visually demonstrate how effectively your organization is achieving e-commerce objectives by leveraging a product configurator.

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We're in Your Industry

While this may be the first product configurator you’re developing, we have a proven track record with years of experience building, launching and supporting configuration products and services. Over the years, we have repeatedly helped B2B and B2C customers across industries benefit from digitally showcasing their product catalogs, enabling end users to easily interact with, personalize and purchase products.

Some of the most common industries that benefit from complex product configurators include:

  • Furniture
  • Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • Material Handling
  • Home Accessories
  • Apparel (shoes, watches, clothing, etc.)
  • Real Estate

No matter what industry you are in, our team of experts will work alongside your organization to avoid and overcome the biggest challenges of selling configurable products to drive immediate value for your e-commerce investment.

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Common Types of Product Configurators

Native and Integrated Product Configurators

Organizations can leverage product configurator applications to optimize the selling process of complex products by shortening the sales cycle and eliminating BOM errors. For example, a CET Extension is an application added to Configura’s CET Designer tool that simplifies the design, specification and selling process for configurable products in various industries. Extension-based configurators can be integrated with other business tools, such as an ERP or CRM system.

Web-Based Product Configurators

Web-based product configurators leverage web technologies to present 2D or 3D models that enable consumers to personalize a product or a set of products within a given space. Often starting with a base model, customers can choose from numerous options to create a customized end product, essentially co-creating products with your organization.

Virtual Reality Product Configurators

Virtual reality (VR) configurators integrate virtual reality solutions to create a digitally rendered virtual environment for consumers to explore custom spaces, interact with products and validate designs. Creating a virtual showroom experience allows organizations to present their full product inventory to customers without needing the inventory physically present at the beginning of the sales process.

Augmented Reality Product Configurators

Augmented reality (AR) product configurators allow consumers to easily configure custom designs and digitally position a product model into their real-world space, helping to visualize a product in context before buying it.

What Can OST’s Product Configurator Consultants Do for You?

Consumers are looking for and expecting convenient, personalized digital experiences. Our experienced strategists, skilled developers and cross-functional approach will help you drive shorter sales cycles, increase customer satisfaction and create new value for configurable products by making your product catalogs digital. Working with our team to implement a 3D (or 2D) configurator will help your organization connect with consumers and analyze how they interact with your products.

We tailor all our offerings to your business’ unique needs and market. Common services include:

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3D Asset Generation and Management

  • 3D asset generation (scanning, photogrammetry, modeling, etc.)
  • 3D asset optimization
  • Catalog creation and deployment
  • Business process management (BPM) definition, deployment and integration
  • Incorporating product configuration data into 3D assets
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Web, Desktop, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Product Configurators

  • Contextual analysis and use-case selection
  • Platform selection and implementations
  • Creating objectives, target results and proof of concept for product configurator solution
  • Building a scalable product configuration solution
  • Ongoing application managed services for your new digital products
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Configurator Measurement and Analysis

  • Establish business KPIs
  • Create metrics dashboards
  • Deliver data analytics and insights
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Start Your Journey With CET Extensions

Is your organization starting the journey to develop CET extensions for your configurable products? As a Configura Implementation Partner, our Configuration Services Team has the expertise to help you at any stage of CET extension development. We have helped organizations of all sizes leverage CET extensions to increase revenue and improve the efficiency of order preparation while reducing costs and errors.

Go Beyond Product Configurator Development With OST

Experience is the center of today’s digital universe. Product configurators have revolutionized the selling experience for manufacturers and designers. That shift has raised the bar for industry leaders. To stay relevant and compete, manufacturers need to reorient business practices to address new consumer needs and expectations for personalized, convenient digital buying experiences. That requires a deep understanding of your customers and alignment across teams to deliver.

At OST, we are uniquely qualified to help manufacturers overcome the challenges slowing down and blocking their success in this new, experience-driven digital landscape. And that goes beyond developing a high-quality product configurator. It can involve reimagining your business strategy, leveraging technology to solve complex business challenges that push your organization ahead of the competition. We have a full range of expertise in UX design, software development, managed services and more.

Learn more about our full suite of digital consulting services.

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At OST, our deep expertise helps companies reorient their focus onto consumers, align stakeholders across departments and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. Our Configuration Services Team is ready to help you develop, implement and launch a product configurator to start driving new revenue.

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