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Generate Business Intelligence From CET Extensions

Many business decisions are shaped by discussions, experiences and intuitions rather than concrete, reliable data about how consumers behave. But industry leaders understand that gathering and making sense of user data has become essential for successful business operations and growth.

With a customized CET analytics tool, your teams can understand how customers interact with your configurable products, the features they use and what user behaviors, products and features drive the most revenue.

OST’s team of experts can help you leverage data analytics to measure quantifiable success metrics for your CET extensions and build meaningful insights to create new value and accelerate innovation. At OST, we come alongside your organization and get to know your unique needs to customize a CET data and reporting solution that delivers the insights you need about how your CET extensions are contributing to your main business objectives.

Some of the key benefits of utilizing OST’s CET analytics tools include:

  • Optimizing product offerings
  • Validating and quantifying the value of your CET extension(s)
  • Measuring ROI to drive new revenue
  • Simplifying supply chain and lowering inventory costs
  • Identifying sales trends and marketing opportunities
  • Evaluating extension performance and discovering potential improvements
  • Personalizing the customer experience

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Measure CET Extension ROI

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Get the Most Out of Your CET Extension

By leveraging a customized analytics tool with clean data, organizations can drive business outcomes and help validate their return on investment (ROI). With the help of OST, your organization can analyze a broad range of metrics to gain a deeper understanding of product and feature popularity as well as user behavior within your CET Designer extension. OST’s metrics dashboard condenses that data visually to demonstrate how effectively your organization is achieving its e-commerce objectives.

As a strategic partner for your organization, we ensure that security and privacy are a top priority during every step of developing your customized analytics tool and metrics dashboard.

The data processing architectures that we build will securely ingest, process and store data sets on the cloud, with information such as:

  • Extension Usage Statistics
  • Extension Product Data, Such as Parts, Quantity, Features, Options, Materials, Pricing, etc.
  • Non-Extension Metadata, Such as Complementary and Competitive Product Types and Quantities
  • Date and Time
  • Drawing Unique ID (ability to identify changes to a drawing)
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Get the Most Out of Your CET Extension

With OST’s CET analytics as a foundation, your organization can go beyond collecting detailed usage trends from users during the specification process. You can also gather insights about the decisions made by dealers and users before an order is received.

Just a few of the metrics you can track from CET Designer before an order is placed include:

  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Activity Hot Spots
  • Sales Support Needs
  • Production Forecasting
  • Training Effectiveness

Whatever your unique needs are, OST’s entire approach is built around helping your organization successfully launch and support CET extensions. We’ll help achieve your business goals with our CET analytics foundation, deep expertise and dedication to your success.

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OST’s CET Analytics Foundation Process

Our flexible and customizable CET extension analytics solution helps you and your team collect and understand detailed data about the performance of your configurable products.

Our cross-functional experts can meet you wherever you are in the CET analytics process, from determining metrics to simply designing and implementing a solution. Regardless of where you want our help, we work with your organization to establish clear goals and objectives. Then, we build a strategic metrics dashboard that can scale to meet your needs with machine learning, additional API integrations and other extensibility.

Our analytics implementation process includes four key phases over a three-month timeframe:

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Discovery and Planning

Yellow circle with a checklist graphic inside.

Policy Documentation

Blue circle with a white cloud image. Below the cloud are two white lines connecting the cloud to two squares with a line between the two squares.

CET Data Collection and Cloud Foundation Implementation

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Reporting Capability Implementation

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Optional Add-On: Machine Learning

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Go Beyond CET Extension Analytics With OST

Experience is the center of today’s digital universe. CET extensions have revolutionized the specification and selling experience for designers, and that shift has raised the bar for manufacturers. To stay relevant and compete, manufacturers need to rethink their business model to meet the needs of customers. That requires a deep understanding of customers and alignment across teams to deliver a meaningful experience to those customers.

At OST, we are uniquely qualified to help manufacturers overcome the challenges slowing down and blocking their success in the new, experience-driven digital landscape. And that goes beyond developing a CET extension analytics tool. It can involve helping you reimagine your business strategy and utilize technology to solve complex business challenges that drive your organization ahead of the competition. We have a full range of expertise in service design, software development, digital experience and more.

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At OST, our deep expertise in strategy, design, software development and technical services helps companies reorient their focus onto consumers, align stakeholders and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. Our Configuration Services Team is ready to help you move forward with analyzing your CET extension to drive new revenue.

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