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With exponential growth in the internet of things (IoT) across industries, many successful companies are outgrowing their current IoT platform. Niche IoT platforms cost too much at scale, lack features that are required by modern Ioproducts, or are being retired during this period of consolidation

At OST, we are ready to work alongside your team, no matter where you are in your IoT journey. And we have a specialized solution for IoT platform migrations.

Our approach includes three phases to facilitate moving your product ecosystem to a new IoT platform, typically within three months:

  • Discovery and Planning
  • Deployment and Customization
  • Platform Migration

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Why Work With OST?

We’ve successfully migrated clients from Xively, SAP, and other platforms onto AWS to help them scale, save, and drive new value. Our proprietary IoT Foundations IP allows us to efficiently tailor our solution to your company’s specific needs at predictable costs. And your team will get one-on-one attention from our experts throughout your move from one platform to another.

If you’d like to speak with one of our experts about your needs, complete a quick online form and we’ll get back to you right away. We look forward to hearing from you!

Below, you can learn more about why companies change IoT platforms, what’s involved in making the shift, and more.

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Traeger Grills launched their innovative smart grills based on patented WiFIRE technology in early 2019. These grills have been an amazing commercial success. This sudden market adoption of their connected grills coupled with a sunsetting of their Xively IoT platform meant Traeger needed to find a partner who would get the job done right, and done fast, with no impact to their growing customer base.

Signs You Should Consider an IoT Platform Migration

While some IoT solutions are built with on-prem data centers, the overwhelming majority utilize the cloud. But not all clouds are created equal. An explosion of niche IoT cloud platform startups launched between 2009 and 2016, peaking in 2013. Unfortunately, many of those companies are going out of business or being acquired by larger entities. And the ones that are surviving are facing an uphill battle in an increasingly competitive market.

As a result, companies with IoT solutions begin to face unique challenges before they start contemplating a platform change. Examples include:

  • They feel limited or constrained by their IoT platform.
  • They can’t scale beyond a certain number of IoT devices.
  • The cost is too high for scaling up or simply maintaining their current level of service.
  • They are facing uncertainty about support after their IoT platform company has been acquired.
  • They’re worried about their provider going out of business, ending support, or sunsetting their platform.
  • They want more support, features, and analytics.
  • They want to stay on the leading edge of innovation in the IoT space.
  • They want stability

In contrast to niche providers, major players like Amazon have invested heavily in expanding IoT-specific features and services. They are constantly innovating in the cloud space. Their expansive global footprint makes scaling IoT solutions as simple as the slide of a digital button. And their pricing options become more and more attractive as you scale. In fact, you can save up to 30% on per device costs when you move your connected product to the AWS IoT Platform.

When you work with OST, you are leveraging years of our experience building and migrating IoT platforms, devices, analytics, and more. We can take the worry out of this complex project by reducing your risk, costs, and time to market on a new platform.

For these reasons and many others, companies with smart and connected products in their portfolio are evaluating their options and deciding to shift platforms with OST.

What’s Involved in Changing Your IoT Platform?

Migrating to a new cloud IoT platform is not a simple operation. Your IoT applications need to accomplish a lot of things, often simultaneously and interconnectedly, in order to provide value to both your business and end users. To successfully help clients shift platforms, we tackle migrations in three major phases, typically over the course of three months:


Discovery and Planning

At OST, we will work alongside your team to assess your current platform, its capabilities, the structure of your data, and much more. Then we will develop an in-depth gap analysis that outlines the benefits and potential drawbacks, if any, of a migration to a new platform. We will also create a granular proposal that defines the scope of work involved in your migration, timelines, and costs.


Deployment and Customization

OST begins your migration by configuring your accounts on the new platform and deploying our proprietary IoT Foundation. This package of tools and services includes built-in features for device connectivity, a public API, device management, user management, data storage, a microservices framework, and more. Our IoT Foundation helps you move and adapt quickly, improve stability, and create security controls at every layer of your IoT solution.

Next, we begin customizing your environment, connecting devices, connecting to your app, testing, and validating that everything is working exactly as it should for your unique devices, configurations, and needs.


Platform Migration

With everything functioning optimally on the new platform, we can then begin moving user profiles, device configurations, and other data from your old platform to the new one. We carefully test and monitor the migration so you keep everything you had before and experience no downtime in services through the migration process. With confirmation of full functionality on your new platform, we can decommission your old system.

Do You Have Bigger Plans Beyond an IoT Platform Migration?

To accelerate growth in the IoT space, it’s not enough to simply build a smart device. It’s not enough to provide data. You need to think bigger and connect with people in meaningful ways by creating meaningful experiences.

At OST, we are uniquely qualified to help you overcome the challenges slowing down and blocking your success in this new, experience-driven digital landscape. And that goes beyond helping you migrate to a new IoT platform. We have a full range of connected product services as well as expertise in digital experiences, hybrid IT, and more.

Get Started With OST Today!

At OST, our unique expertise in strategy, design, development, and technical services helps companies reorient their focus onto consumers, align stakeholders across departments, and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. Our team of experts is ready to help you thrive in the IoT space and start driving new revenue. Complete a simple form on this page, and we’ll get back to you right away!

By working with OST, you get more than a worry-free migration. You get a partner who can show you how to get the most value out of your new platform. You get the personalized attention you need along with everything that major cloud providers have to offer. And you get to work with a team of experts who are invested in your long-term success.

Rather than calling an 800-number and getting connected with someone who has no understanding of your business, OST acts as a single point of contact for your needs. We can handle many of your common support requests, and we will be your advocate to escalate more complex tickets. Instead of getting an itemized bill with hundreds of line items, we can provide customized billing that fits your needs—and bundles managed services and other support as needed.

And you get expert consulting at every touchpoint.

For these reasons and many more, companies with smart and connected products in their portfolio are evaluating their options and deciding to shift platforms with OST. Let’s talk.

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