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Discover what opportunities await when you’ve fully optimized your IoT platform spending. Find cost clarity with cost baseline guidance from IoT Architecture Experts.

It's Time to Evaluate Your Current IoT Platform Costs

As an organization, your goal is to have your platform expenses in alignment with your performance expectations. Without a clear guideline, your future cost optimization trajectory becomes uncertain.

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IoT Platform Architecture Guideline: Finding the Right Balance

As your IoT platform continues to scale, visibility of costs is key for prioritizing investments in future development.

We use our expertise to craft a guideline fit for your specific IoT platform architecture to achieve desired trajectory of cost management. An OST IoT cost assessment is the best place to discover the right balance between opportunity and optimization for your platform architecture.

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Platform Cost Assessment

The first step of a cost optimization assessment is to establish cost baseline metrics. By looking at the breakdown of spend on current platform services, combined with your platform’s growth expectations, we can forecast future costs.

The outcome of the assessment is a forecasted report supported by visualizations that give alignment to your goals and demonstrate how they fit into the total cost of your platform and a benchmark comparison of your costs verses others in the industry.

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Data Collection and Analysis

With the forecasted report complete, we can then define and align your strategic, operational and business goals. Our team will work to identify immediate areas of improvement in your architecture, modifying these areas to better support your goals and optimize them in the lens of cost. Some potential areas for improvement are:

  • Current fleet size/ forecast for fleet size in the future
  • Launching new product on platform
  • Current AWS spend by service
  • Historical onboarding data – past, current, future
  • Messaging rates per device/ messaging protocols
  • Data movement/data flow

After defining areas for refinement, we will present you with an updated and optimized forecasted report with a granular view of cost per service.

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Plan for Action

After a thorough evaluation is presented, a strategy session will follow to discuss priorities and goals for the future state of the IoT platform and how to proceed. When you are ready for the implementation phase, OST’s IoT architects will walk step-by-step together with your IoT team to build an optimized growth model for your platform.

Value at a glance

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Balance Optimization and Opportunity

Create an optimized solution without sacrificing room for opportunity

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Align and Define

Strategic, operational and business goals

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Forecasted Improvements

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Industry Comparison

OST: Your Guide for IoT Cost Optimization, Holistic Connected Products Strategy and More

At OST, our core connected products team is focused on optimizing and innovating for clients. With a holistic connected products practice behind us, we’re ready to work alongside you, no matter where you’re at in your IoT journey. We are confident that we have the resources to guide you along an optimized strategy. And we also have a specialized solution for IoT platform migrations. We’ve successfully migrated clients from Xively, SAP, and other platforms onto AWS to help them scale, save and drive new value.

From strategy to managing a platform to cost optimization, our holistic IoT architecture expertise begins with identifying where you’re at and understanding dependencies between operations and business-aligned goal. Wherever you are at with your Connected Products and IoT Platform journey, our team is ready to create a tailored solution for your specific needs. Contact us to get started.

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