Connected Products
& Internet of Things (IoT)

Delivering effective solutions for industry-leading smart products, deployed in the real world.

OST designs, builds and manages large-scale IoT, mobile and cloud solutions for global product manufacturers. By connecting the previously unconnected, we not only help our customers to be more competitive, we help them grow their business with data-driven insights.

From program strategy, design, mobile, voice, and edge device connectivity, to cloud platform architecture, data analytics, and managed services – OST has delivered an array of effective solutions for many industry-leading smart products, deployed in the real world.

Think Big. Start Small. Move Fast.

My organization has asked us to lead a connected product project, but I don’t know where to start. So…what’s our first step?

There are a lot of moving parts in any IoT and connected devices program, and just as many challenges. Your organization may even require some internal adjustments as engineering, IT and marketing are asked to work together in new ways. We understand the very real pressures you face from go-to-market stakeholders, security, and product lifecycle release schedules, added to an already long list of new realities in making that shift to digital. OST’s experienced people, process and technology approach helps assure the best possible start — and outcome. Stand on the shoulders of our proven success to define your connected product strategy.

Cost estimates are a challenge and we can’t afford to take big risks. How do we minimize potential risks and manage expectations?

A connected device program can be complicated — especially if it’s your first time. With IoT experience that runs wide and deep, we’re able to uncover value more efficiently, without sacrificing agility or security. In one example, through the early evaluation of an existing messaging architecture, we saved the manufacturer 1 million dollars —annually — on their estimated data consumption costs.

I need to measure the potential value of the numerous platform choices. How can we quickly determine which solution best fits our business needs?

With the OST IoT Accelerator, we have a proven process for determining the best approach for you.  Our approach is not to lead with a platform. We take the time to understand the goals and needs of the project and the organization to make sure you choose the most cost-efficient and valuable business solution.

A connected product will require more of us than a typical product development process. Where can I find talented pros who can join our existing IoT solution team?

Our OST experts have partnered with many IT groups to help deliver connected products from early strategy and design work through to launch. Whether plugging in an extra set of hands, or enabling the growth of internal IoT skills for long-term success, we’re there — working right alongside your own team for the best possible outcome.


Customer Voice

“OST’s work to develop the cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and systems architecture for Live OS has been outstanding. Not only have they helped us to provide our customers with robust, data-driven insights, but they did so in a manner that combined the highest standards for information security with a deep respect for end-user privacy.”

Alex Cammenga

Sr. Program Manager for Live OS


UX & UI Design for the Connected Home

Many organizations talk about the Internet of Things, and connected products, but we’re out there making it happen. And our customers have the success stories to show for it.

IoT & Connected Product Capabilities


Big Data

Data and insights are tomorrow’s currency. Data scientists and engineers use data sandboxes to develop insights and algorithms that enable end users, transform your business and evolve your next generation of products.


Cloud Architecture & Development

We build data processing architectures that ingest, process and store large complex data sets at a low cost. These architectures serve as a great foundation for creating industry leading digital experiences and insights.


Cost Analysis

One of the biggest challenges organizations face at the onset of a connected products project is figuring out how much it will cost. We understand all of the variables, and the platforms, and can help you gain clarity on what lies ahead.


Data Analytics

Helping you know what you don’t know, by making better sense of the data generated by the product. The data can be analyzed for the individual user, for the manufacturer, and for any group in between. Making use of the data generated by a connected product is one of the biggest ways an organization can create value for the one, the many, and the all.



It’s not just about what something looks or feels likes. It’s about genuinely understanding a need—and helping fulfill it.


Managed Services

You’ve created the product and launched it. Now what? Our managed services team can take care of the daily tasks required to maintain and run an IoT infrastructure, so your internal resources can continue to focus on growing your organization.



It lives in your customers’ hands. All day. Every day. The demands of this category are many—requiring special considerations and expertise.


Organizational Alignment

Connected product projects have a tendency to change, well, everything. From process changes, to product support, we can help make sense of the projects and resources needed.


Platform Selection

With so many platform choices, it can be difficult to determine which one best suits your product – and your organization. We are well acquainted with them all, and can help you figure out which one will be the most cost efficient and effective for your unique product.



When embarking on a connected product project, an organization now needs to consider the security of the data generated by the individual user, not just their company. We’ve got this.



Helping you create the road map—from high-level to tactical planning—to get your organization from here to there.



We design voice UI that is natural for the end users to interact with and can integrate into your existing systems and products.

Where Do You Begin?

We can jump in at the beginning, or anywhere along the journey.

Let’s discuss how connected products can have the biggest impact your business.