Connected Products

Delivering effective solutions for industry-leading smart products, deployed in the real world.

OST designs, builds and manages large-scale IoT, mobile and cloud solutions for global product manufacturers. By connecting the previously unconnected, we not only help our customers to be more competitive, we help them grow their business with data-driven insights.

From program strategy, design, mobile, voice, and edge device connectivity, to cloud platform architecture, data analytics, and managed services – OST has delivered an array of effective solutions for many industry-leading smart products, deployed in the real world.


OST Connected Product Accelerator

Create a strategy, test your ideas, and create a PoC to get your connected product to market faster with our 12 week Connected Product Accelerator on the AWS platform.

IoT & Connected Product Capabilities



At the heart of a successful connected product is an effective analytic strategy. We leverage the data generated by your product to create insights that are useful to end users and your organization.


IoT/Cloud Architecture

We help you set a solid foundation to build your product on top of. We build data processing architectures that ingest, process and store large and complex data sets at a low cost. These architectures serve as a great foundation to create industry leading digital experiences and insights.


Managed Services

You’ve created the product and launched it. Now what? Our managed services team can take care of the daily tasks required to maintain and run an IoT infrastructure, so your internal resources can continue to focus on growing your organization.



Have you considered the ways that launching a connected product will fundamentally change your business? A connected device will challenge everything from your organizational structure and processes to revenue streams and infrastructure. We work with companies to develop a strategy for not only your product’s success with customers, but its long term success within your organization.


User Experience Design & Development

All great products begin with an understanding of its users. We take an in-depth look at your customer’s journey, including their motivators and inhibitors to really understand how your product creates value for them. We use this work to create a delightful experience for end users that is consistent across multiple planes of interaction, including physical, mobile, web and voice.


Customer Voice

“OST’s work to develop the cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and systems architecture for Live OS has been outstanding. Not only have they helped us to provide our customers with robust, data-driven insights, but they did so in a manner that combined the highest standards for information security with a deep respect for end-user privacy.”

Alex Cammenga

Sr. Program Manager for Live OS

Where Do You Begin?

We can jump in at the beginning, or anywhere along the journey.

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