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When you work with OST, you’re hiring more than cloud experts. You’re hiring a team with deep knowledge across the entire cloud spectrum. We help healthcare organizations, manufacturers and businesses strategically determine what mix of cloud and on-prem solutions will deliver the most value, security and speed for their unique needs. Then, we’ll work alongside your team to design, build, migrate, optimize and manage your cloud infrastructure.

With increasing demands across teams to deliver more to consumers at a faster pace, OST can help you get oriented in the cloud, align toward a common goal and accelerate business growth at any stage of your cloud journey.

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Popular Cloud Solutions

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Cloud Adoption or Migration Planning

With services like cloud adoption workshops, assessments, foundational architecture and migration planning, OST can help you leverage the cloud to effectively drive business value and avoid the pitfalls of a poorly executed implementation.

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IT Infrastructure Assessments

As technical debt increases and new business demands are placed on IT professionals, routine maintenance can fall by the wayside and IT teams may struggle to make the shift from cost-center to innovation-driver. With an in-depth IT environment assessment, our experts can help you (1) identify high-risk issues in your hardware, software, applications and processes; (2) discover opportunities for infrastructure optimization; and (3) build a strategic roadmap for future business success and cross-functional alignment.

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Cloud Foundation

In OST’s cloud foundation engagement, our team works with you to build the essentials for a hybrid cloud approach. Upon completion, you will be able to start moving workloads to the cloud and making forward-thinking decisions about your on-prem infrastructure strategy.

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Hybrid Cloud Implementations and Migrations

Whether you need product for your on-prem environment, you need support with migrating to the cloud or you have a specific need for disaster recovery, XaaS or other cloud solutions, OST can help you successfully implement a hybrid cloud approach that makes sense for your organization.

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Backup as a service (BaaS) in the cloud allows companies to back up and store their data by connecting to a public, private or hybrid cloud rather than investing in on-premises infrastructure or trying to manage other storage media.

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Disaster Recovery

Sometimes called “business continuity,” disaster recovery provides a total system backup of your data and applications. In a disaster or outage, the cloud becomes your new environment and allows users to continue their day-to-day operations with minimal downtime. In the cloud, your DR environment can also act as a sandbox for testing or as an overflow if sudden demand arises. Plus, having DR in the cloud means you only pay for it when you use it.

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Application Migration and Modernization

Not all applications are cloud native, which means they don’t benefit from baked-in cloud benefits and functionality like automatic updates, increased security, early access to new features, etc. With OST’s application migration and modernization services, we help you determine your best path forward with the seven R’s: rehosting, replatforming, refactoring (or re-architecting), retiring (or retaining) and reinventing. This process is especially important for applications that support or deliver digital experiences for consumers. 

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Hybrid and Cloud Optimization

Few organizations are fully and efficiently utilizing their hybrid or cloud environments. At OST, we can help your organization find efficiencies, optimize your consumption costs, automate processes like updates and patches and much more. Plus, our managed services can free your team from growing technical debt so they can focus on what matters most: innovation and growth.

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Cloud Managed Services

IT leaders face skills gaps, shifting organizational priorities, talent acquisition and retention issues, increasing demand for IT services and many other challenges. OST offers deep expertise in cloud managed services, application managed services, DevOps and a variety of specialized offerings for enterprise software such as Infor LN, Epic, CET extensions, etc.

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Innovative Cloud Solutions

New applications for cloud computing arise every day. New and updated features, software and solutions (particularly in niche industries) are regularly created and deployed in the cloud. At OST, our deep technical expertise has allowed us to continually innovate and architect tailored solutions to the unique challenges manufacturers, healthcare organizations and other businesses face.

Whether you’re considering a move to the cloud, trying to better manage your cloud costs, supporting innovation with cloud services or working through any other challenges related to cloud transformation, OST can help you fully leverage the cloud for your organization’s specific needs. To start a conversation, contact OST today!

Below, you can learn more about important considerations related to cloud solutions and the unique value and expertise that OST can bring to your organization.

How Can OST Help You Get More Value From Cloud Solutions?

Every organization faces unique challenges as they tackle cloud transformation, optimization and innovation. At OST, our breadth of experience across industries and IT projects has given us insights into the common challenges businesses face as they implement and manage cloud environments. And we have been able to develop holistic, future-minded solutions that go beyond simply moving workloads to the cloud and, instead, allow your organization to customize and scale your cloud use to meet the needs of your teams now — and as you grow.

Below are some of the common challenges the organizations face with cloud solutions and how OST can help you avoid or resolve them.

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Organizations Fail to Implement the Right Networking Tools and Strategies for Ongoing Success

One of the most important factors for effective hybrid and cloud deployment and maintenance is keeping all your environments connected and working together seamlessly. That requires advanced tools and strategies to securely connect, integrate and orchestrate all the separate pieces of your organization’s network into a cohesive infrastructure.

At OST, we are always considering cloud in the context of your business with your goals at the forefront of any cloud strategy. Legacy applications, existing infrastructure, industry standards, multi-cloud environments and many other factors will influence how your organization can best utilize the cloud right now — and in the future

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Unique Security, Privacy and Application Issues Aren’t Factored Into a Cloud Strategy

Every organization has unique needs and challenges they face when it comes to their IT infrastructure. For example, in the healthcare industry, data privacy and regulations like HIPAA will play an essential role in decision-making about what resources to allocate to on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud environments. For organizations whose business and network demands fluctuate or are unpredictable, public cloud resources are going to be crucial for cost control.

In short, your organization is unlike any other, and OST is your strategic partner for cloud solutions. We’ll help you move forward in a conscientious, thoughtful way and will make sure you avoid unnecessary risks and costs.

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Organizations Struggle to Align and Communicate Across Teams

Different teams may use different cloud providers or environments for their specific needs, which can result in cost tracking issues and a lot of wasted spending. A strong communication plan, governance across teams and an effective cost management system are crucial for the success of your hybrid cloud and business as a whole.

OST’s team of cloud experts can assess your current environment, provide a detailed cost and savings analysis, develop a roadmap for improvements and much more. Everything we create will provide you with the clarity you need to make the case for the cloud to leaders throughout your organization. In addition, OST can help your teams leverage Agile and SAFe methodologies to increase alignment and transparency while simultaneously moving forward faster with your cloud projects.

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IT Teams May Lack the Knowledge, Skills or Bandwidth to Fully — and Quickly — Execute on Cloud Solutions

IT professionals routinely indicate that skills gaps on their team are one of the biggest challenges associated with leveraging hybrid and cloud environments. Many IT teams also face increased responsibilities and workloads that interfere with their ability to effectively implement and maintain hybrid and cloud solutions for their organization.

Both challenges can be overcome if you work with the right partner for your technology needs. OST can help fill the gaps on your team while you expand your talent pool. And many organizations continue to work with our Managed Services Team because of the outstanding experience they have and the inherent scalability that a managed cloud solution provides.

At OST, we enable enterprise-level businesses and healthcare organizations to ask the right questions, align their teams toward a common goal and implement cost-effective cloud solutions that drive real value. With a long history of deep technology expertise, we can help you determine what should live where and ensure that your data center and cloud environments live in harmony.

Go Beyond Infrastructure With OST

Experience is the center of today’s digital universe for consumers, employees, and employers. Cloud computing has revolutionized the technology experience for everyone, and that shift has raised the bar for manufacturers, healthcare organizations, and businesses of every kind. To stay relevant and compete for both new talent and new business, your team needs to reorient your practices to meet these new needs and expectations. That requires a deep understanding of people and technology, and it requires alignment across teams to deliver a meaningful experience.

To accelerate growth, it’s not enough to simply use the cloud for document storage. It’s not enough to allow users to access your applications on multiple devices. You need to think bigger and connect people in meaningful ways by creating meaningful experiences.

At OST, we are uniquely qualified to help you plan for the future and overcome the challenges slowing down and blocking your success in this new, experience-driven digital landscape. And that goes beyond helping you transition to a modern IT approach. It can involve rethinking your business strategy, using data to gain actionable insights, freeing up your internal team to focus on innovation, and more.

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At OST, our deep expertise helps companies focus on consumer needs, align stakeholders across departments and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. Our Data Analytics Team is ready to help you unlock the value of your data.

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