Virtual Panel: Optimize IoT for Opportunity

IoT platform and business leaders are continuously struggling to balance cost optimization management with investing in innovation opportunities. Organizational uncertainty about cloud platform performance and misaligned expectations related to connected product lifecycle support lead to inconsistent IoT platform investment and delays in developing differentiated features. Having a clear baseline of your current cloud costs and projecting your future cloud cost trajectory will provide clarity to the organization and confidence to invest in innovation initiatives.

Join OST’s connected product platform architecture experts and a special guest from the AWS IoT Solution Architecture Team for a panel discussion covering topics like:

  • Managing tensions between optimizing for costs and delivering new features
  • Investing in architecture agility now for future performance flexibility
  • Modeling current cost per unit to inform forecasted costs per unit at scale
  • Leveraging AWS IoT cloud innovation to expedite differentiated feature development
  • Integrating AWS IoT services to increase value delivery throughout your product lifecycle

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