Connecting together in the Motor City

OST powers companies in Detroit, utilizing both our broad view and deep expertise to help businesses to run and grow. We come alongside our clients to dig in on everything from Digital Experience and Connected Products to Managed Services and Data Analytics.

OST Detroit Services


OST designs, builds and manages large-scale IoT, mobile and cloud solutions for global product manufacturers. By connecting the previously unconnected, we not only help our customers to be more competitive, we help them grow their business with data-driven insights.


We develop visualization systems that allow business leaders, customers and decision makers to manipulate complete sets of data, in just the click of a button. Compare this to the hours and days it used to take to unearth the same information—with piles of complicated reports that still couldn’t paint the whole picture. OST delivers a true data dashboard that’s easy to access and manipulate—in real time.


From strategy and user experience design to software development and mobile, OST’s toolbox for building delightful digital experiences is vast. We pull from each niche expertise to cross-functionally build great human, digital experiences—with velocity, with flexibility.


How do you balance the needs of today while planning for tomorrow? For over twenty years, OST has helped organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of IT – setting a solid foundation while keeping an eye toward the future. From Hybrid IT and cloud guidance to application management, we’re walking this path with you.


With OST managed services, we unburden the operational support of an organization’s infrastructure to free up internal IT resources, so they’re better able to focus on projects and activities that create higher business value. We work not as outsourcers, but partners—to truly understand your business and your company’s goals.

Customer Voice

“I am speechless. From what was a disaster to what has become a miracle, I am grateful and indebted to such dedication, service, and excellence! You all rose to the challenge and found a way to save our situation. You guys are part of what makes Metro special.”

Bill Lewkowski

CIO, Metro Health

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