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Modern Protection for Your Critical Data

Cybercrime, ransomware, hacking — these scenarios are a regular occurrence for organizations of every size. On average, a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds. And cyberattacks are becoming more frequent.

Regardless of size, your company and customer data are attractive and profitable targets for cybercriminals. With a cyber recovery strategy in place before the crime occurs, you can ensure the safety and future success of your organization.

Our experts can help your enterprise leverage a Dell Technologies cyber recovery solution to reduce the risk of getting attacked while simultaneously creating a more intelligent data protection strategy.

Solution Benefits

  • Currently, this is the only automated, vaulted air gap solution in the market.
  • All Dell cyber vault data is immutable and untraceable.
  • Full context indexing is coupled with AI and machine learning analytics.
  • PowerProtect has deep multi-layer data analysis capability.
  • Dell’s cyber recovery solution offers robust and enhanced recovery tools.
  • This is currently the only solution architecture fully endorsed by the Sheltered Harbor solution provider program.

Secure Your Data

As a Dell Technologies Gold Partner, OST can deliver a proven solution to reduce all risks associated with cyberthreats. Leveraging Dell Technologies’ cyber recovery solution will help your organization go beyond traditional backup and disaster recovery protection. This modern approach accelerates your ability to detect, respond and recover.

Forward-thinking enterprises are planning for when a cyberattack occurs, not if. Preparing now will distinguish you from competitors, and implementing a cyber recovery solution with OST will continually deliver value to your organization, clients and vendors.

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Below, we have more information about the Dell Technologies PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Solution, the differences between cyber recovery and disaster recovery, why clients choose to work with OST and more!
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Why Market Leaders Choose the Dell Technologies Cyber Recovery Solution

A cyber recovery solution provides an immutable backup copy (known as a “golden copy” or “clean copy”) of your primary business data. So, when a cyberattack strikes your organization, a clean, untouched copy of data will be readily available for you to quickly recover your critical systems and resume normal business.

Additional protection comes from an automated air gap that creates a physical gap between primary and secondary data. If a cybercriminal has access to the primary data, they won’t have access to the secondary data. This is why the secondary copy is called the “golden copy”; it is untraceable and immutable. The golden copy of data is regularly sent to a cyber vault — an isolated data center. The cyber vault moves critical data away from the point of an attack while simultaneously providing multiple layers of protection and a quick recovery time.

As the only automated, vaulted and air-gapped solution in the market, Dell Technologies’ cyber recovery solution is an outstanding addition to your business continuity strategies.

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What Are the Differences Between Cyber Recovery and Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery (DR) and cyber recovery are similar, but not the same. A disaster recovery solution sets organizations up for business continuity success when tragedy strikes. This could result from human actions or natural disasters. However, a disaster recovery solution cannot recover all subsets of your data, especially if your DR environment becomes compromised by ransomware or another type of cyberattack.

Many organizations currently have some type of traditional backup solution that serves as their ransomware restorative. But on average, only 60% of business-critical apps can be restored to service, according to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

The rising number and sophistication of cybercrimes present new challenges when it comes to recovery strategies. Disasters from ransomware or other malicious attacks don’t compare to floods, power outages, other natural disasters or human error. Just one example is that a cyberattack could occur simultaneously in multiple locations, making the recovery process more difficult and time-consuming.

A cyber recovery solution provides the most comprehensive protection for your critical data and allows your organization to recover it with ensured integrity so that you can quickly resume normal operations post-attack. This solution provides continuous, selective recovery that has been proven to maximize cybercrime prevention and business response capabilities.

To learn more, watch our on-demand cyber recovery webinars:
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Destructive Cyber Crime and Ransomware —
What’s your Recovery Strategy?

  • Cyber resiliency challenges – Ransomware may now be a customer’s biggest threat.
  • The difference between Disaster Recovery and Cyber Recovery.
  • The importance of a Cyber Recovery solution for your business.
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Cyber Recovery: Air-Gapped, Immutable Data Protection

  • Cyber recovery solution deep dive – Learn about the architectural overview of the solution.
  • CyberSense Analytics – Gain an added layer of protection for quick detection and recovery.
  • Cyber recovery solution demonstration – Witness a functional demonstration of the solution in play.
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Why Work With OST for Cyber Recovery?

Every organization starts somewhere with data security. As a Dell Technologies Gold Partner, we can fully implement a comprehensive cyber recovery solution at enterprise scale.

But we also understand that it’s more important to find the right cybersecurity solution for your risk profile, goals and budget. At OST, our experts are ready to get to know your business and develop a data protection plan tailored to your needs that will maximize results and drive success. Boost your organization’s confidence and consumer trust by contacting OST today.

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