Data Center Migration

When it’s time to move, talent and experience are key. But a little muscle never hurts either.

These days, a winning business strategy includes maximizing IT infrastructure. Serving enterprise IT teams is what we do the most. And we do it very well. For OST, our reputation as the industry authority comes from extensive data center experience. We’ve offered expert and dedicated focus on the availability, management, and optimal utilization of data centers since the day we first opened our doors, so that you can focus on the demands—and growth—of your business.

Understandably, with core business services reliant on IT, a data center relocation can also expose your business to significant risk. Based on decades of helping customers with data center migration projects and co-location strategies, we’ve developed a consultative methodology, which leverages technology to move workloads from the existing centers to new ones. This framework ensures success while keeping risk, as well as the impact to your business, at a minimum.

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It’s something we like to call Disciplined Agility. A good plan is essential, but from experience we know that things don’t always go as planned. So, we combine a measured, disciplined approach with the nimble flexibility to shift when necessary to ensure your success—especially when working up against tight timelines.

This model requires a cohesive team with great project leadership and includes role and responsibility assignments to tangibly reduce risk. It also ensures that all members of the team—your staff, our staff, and any third parties—have a clear understanding of their individual contributions and responsibilities.

OST’s unique communication framework keeps team members informed, on track, and ready to adjust. We’ll work with you to validate the work that’s already been done in preparation for the move, augment your infrastructure team as needed, and facilitate the core efforts related to physical and functional migration.

Client's Voice

“What we find is that OST’s engineers, architects and senior leadership bring not only a healthcare industry knowledge, but knowledge of our business and the entire IT industry that you just cannot get from a VAR. One of OST’s unique attributes is their ability to work with the entire business – IS, infrastructure, business applications, business development, and clinical. This is a huge advantage to us because OST brings a completeness of vision which puts us in a position of being ready and even ahead of what the business needs are when it comes to new infrastructure, for example.”

Sean Henkel

Director, IT Infrastructure Services

With two decades of experience in data center migration and strategies, you learn that things don’t always go as planned. And you plan for that.

Where Do You Begin?

No matter where you are in the process, we can help.

Let’s discuss a plan that can make a big impact on your business.