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Thinking in Service Systems

You are moving toward thinking in service systems.

Next Steps:

With your connected product(s) fully integrated into your business systems, now is the time to focus on further optimization and expansion. Ensure your systems and processes support multiple generations of devices as well as additional connected product lines. Continue expanding your partner network and providing seamless connectivity and integration of your products and services. Consider what types of as-a-service offerings you can build and grow to introduce new revenue streams and economic models for your business. And consider what alternative revenue opportunities could be available for your data streams: consulting with your customers and clients, reselling secure and anonymous data, etc. Look ahead toward the ways that the data you are collecting and generating will continue to inform business decisions across your organization.

Key Ways OST Can Help:

  • Technical Integration Work: Connecting Your Product to Other Products, Services and Ecosystems
  • Predictive Analytics Modeling
  • Advanced Analytics Workshops