You are moving into service-oriented approaches.

Next Steps:

Your smart product is going to start making smart friends. Focus on fully integrating your connected product(s) into your existing systems and workflows and innovating complementary offerings to enhance users’ experience with your product(s). Replenishment of consumables, maintenance services, mobile app enhancements, voice applications, ecommerce integrations and a variety of other service-related approaches could be good candidates. You may also want to consider building up an internal team exclusively focused on your connected product(s) and associated service offerings if you have not already. Remain future-minded by looking for mutually beneficial external partnership opportunities related to the data you are generating from your product(s), perhaps even in industries you have not traditionally worked alongside.

Key Ways OST Can Help:

  • Business Strategy Development Workshops and Consulting
  • Technical Integration Work: Connecting Your Product to Other Products, Services and Ecosystems
  • Voice Applications