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January 3, 2020

Preparing for the New Year: Manufacturing

Preparing for the New Year: Manufacturing

Things are changing. Today, customers have more options than ever before at their fingertips and are looking for extraordinary experiences. For instance, my family and I bought a smart device that was supposed to make it easier for me to control my television, hands-free. Instead, my husband spent a few hours trying to communicate with the “smart” app to get the device set up in the first place. When it was fully connected, I tried to use a voice command to turn my television on. It didn’t work. Instead, it had just added an additional remote to our already-full basket. It did not make my life easier. The experience left me dissatisfied, and we’re looking elsewhere for voice-controlled television technology.

I’m not alone. Today, 76 percent of consumers will switch brands for an experience they don’t find satisfactory. As a result, companies have to make changes, and fast. It is estimated that 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies will not be on the list in 10 years due to the speed of innovation in this consumer-oriented economy.

If you’re involved in product or application design and development, the following content has been curated and categorized by themes to help you prepare for what’s ahead.

Get All Your Teams Aligned

Connected product projects require internal silos to be broken down. When everyone is focused on their own piece of the puzzle, they lose the ability to see how it all fits together. Learn more about aligning for success in our downloadable ebook: The Product Owner’s Guide to Launching a Connected Product.

When it comes to innovation, the earlier you can involve more people (especially across teams), the more successful you will be.

Accelerate Innovation and Digital Transformation

You’ve heard the term digital transformation. But what does it mean? In this article, we discuss the process of digital transformation by examining how it places the customer’s journey at the forefront of innovation, product development, and other business processes.

Reorient Your Focus to Put Consumers First

In traditional manufacturing models, product development cycles can take years, and consumers are abstracted from the manufacturer after purchase. In order to create a connected product and strengthen relationships with consumers, manufacturers must operate differently.

OST: Helping Companies Reorient, Align, and Accelerate

With decades of success behind us for ourselves and our clients, OST is ready to help your company connect with consumers, rally your teams, and accelerate innovation and growth. You can browse to learn more about our core expertise, or start a conversation with one of our experts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Not Sure Where to Start With Smart and Connected Products?

OST’s free digital maturity assessment will provide a deeper understanding of your capabilities and concrete suggestions for next steps.



Stay up-to-date with OST blog posts.

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