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March 14, 2022

Integrate Your CET Catalog Into a Web Configurator With Stage Software

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Organizations seeking solutions to digitally showcase their configurable products often don’t know the best place to start. To enable shorter sales cycles, optimize the customer experience and establish an online presence, businesses could benefit from implementing a web product configurator solution.

Whether your organization currently has a CET extension or is new to product configurators, OST’s experts can help. In this article, our Configuration Services Team outlines how organizations can integrate CET catalog data to build a web product configurator using Stage, a cloud-based product viewer software from Configura.

Common Types of Product Configurators

Product configurators allow users to design, quote and purchase their own tailor-made products using various technologies. Below are the most common types of configurators.

Desktop Product Configurators

Desktop configurators, such as a CET extension used in CET Designer, are visual space-planning software tools where users can design custom spaces and generate personalized layouts, quotes and more.

Web-Based Product Configurators

Web-based product configurators leverage web technologies to create 3D (or 2D) models of complex customizable products online.

Virtual Reality (VR) Product Configurators

Virtual reality configurators integrate virtual reality solutions with configuration tools to create digitally rendered virtual environments for consumers to interact with.

Augmented Reality (AR) Product Configurators

Augmented reality configurators integrate with an interface, such as a mobile app, that allows consumers to easily create custom designs and digitally position products into a real-world space.



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What Is Stage?

Stage is a software tool used to develop 3D web product configurators with existing CET catalog data. The platform utilizes a 360-degree product viewer that offers an efficient way for end-users to visually configure, customize and purchase products online. Stage software gives organizations the ability to seamlessly integrate a product configurator into their website or application. And since Stage repurposes product data from CET, companies can manage data for multiple tools in one location, eliminating the need for maintaining and integrating myriad software stacks and datasets.

Developing and managing a product configurator through Stage also allows users to access complex, configurable products across many devices, including computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.



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Why Should Your Organization Leverage Stage Software?

With many organizations transitioning to digital solutions to showcase complex products, the demand for product configurators is rising. Organizations that are not active in this space are missing out on significant opportunities to drive new profits.

To be successful, however, companies need to have a stable development platform to deliver an outstanding buyer experience for configurable products. Leveraging Stage to implement a configurator will help organizations gain that competitive advantage.

Some benefits of implementing a web configurator using Stage software include:

  • Reaching a larger consumer base digitally
  • Leveraging a low-effort, high-return implementation approach for a web configurator
  • Enabling single product data management with Stage pulling data from existing CET catalogs
  • Providing flexibility and support for a variety of user journeys and websites
  • Integrating with other applications (e-commerce, identity providers, analytics, etc.)
  • Reducing maintenance costs for your product configuration solutions
  • Creating rendering models and exporting them to all audiences


OST’s Approach to Stage Projects

Consumers and businesses are looking for and expecting convenient digital experiences. Our approach focuses on delivering exceptional user experiences that allow customers to interactively personalize and purchase products. Our experienced strategists, skilled developers and cross-functional teams help organizations shorten sales cycles, increase customer satisfaction and drive new value for configurable products by creating digital product catalogs.

Our highly skilled experts have years of experience building product configurators using many software development tools. We take a conscientious, client-focused approach to all our Stage configurator development work. Hallmarks of our product configurator services include:

  • Understanding that product catalogs are the backbone of digital commerce
  • Recognizing that bad data management cripples long-term growth
  • Building interfaces on React, which allows us to integrate into virtually any website ecosystem
  • Leveraging a design-driven process to align with existing branding or develop a new user experience
  • Enabling organizations to integrate configured products directly into existing digital commerce platforms

With the help of OST, your organization can avoid and overcome common challenges to drive immediate value for your product configurator and e-commerce investments.



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OST: Your Product Configurator Partner

Want help with implementing a product configurator? Let’s talk. We can meet you where you are and provide support whether you are building your first CET extension or you need additional help with your current product configurator. Our unique expertise in strategy, design, software development and technical services helps companies focus on consumer needs, align stakeholders across departments and leverage technology to drive revenue. Our Configuration Services Team is ready to help you move forward with your unique configurator needs. Contact OST today!



Stay up-to-date with OST blog posts.

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