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June 21, 2019

Five Pillars: The OST Hybrid IT Methodology

"Run AND grow." 2-pronged plug-like cloud hovering above an outlet-like silos.

Making the decision to move to a Hybrid IT strategy is about more than just moving a few things to the cloud. A hybrid solution is a cross-functional approach that aligns business and technology, optimizing for the results your business values the most.

OST’s Hybrid Methodology is documented in this whitepaper, that walks you through five (5) key factors to consider as you evaluate a Hybrid cloud solution for your organization.

You will learn more about:

  • How to attain storage capacity in new ways by utilizing traditional on-premise solutions and cloud services.
  • How to minimize and avoid risk in your traditional and cloud environments through security, data protection, and monitoring.
  • Why hybrid IT changes the financial model and governance procedures. CapEx vs OpEx spending within a hybrid strategy is a game changer for the organization.
  • How to manage identities within a cloud environment, and the best ways to keep connectivity and networking secure.
  • How to use a hybrid model to achieve velocity by utilizing DevOps and SysOps processes.


It’s not infrastructure, it’s Hybrid IT. Download it today.

OST has worked with several enterprises to make this transition. To help you move forward successfully, we have a whitepaper available for The Five Pillars of a Successful Hybrid IT Strategy.

In it, you will learn more about the 5 areas of consideration in your Hybrid Cloud strategy.



Stay up-to-date with OST blog posts.

About the Author

Jim VanderMey is the Chief Innovation Officer for OST. Jim has provided the technical leadership and product strategic planning for the organization since the very beginning. Jim is a technology visionary who sets the long and short-term direction for OST. He specializes in seeing the “big picture” of technology, the computer industry, and the business objectives supported by IT. As OST has gained an international reputation, Jim has taught and spoken at conferences in Europe, Japan, and throughout North America.

Jim attended the Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music as a pastoral ministries major, and went on to manage significant scale applications and infrastructures in the healthcare, manufacturing, and insurance industries. He has served as a consultant to many large organizations such as Herman Miller, Boeing, Priority Health, Magna-Donnelly Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Amway, Meijer, Komatsu, Mercedes, Navistar (International Truck), Flextronics, the US Navy and many hospital systems including Spectrum Health, Bronson Hospital, and HealthEast.

Jim has senior level data center skills in performance analysis and systems architecture, enterprise UNIX, reliability engineering, SAN design and implementation. He is a voracious learner and has held many technical certifications ranging from UNIX and Cisco administration through cloud architecture and design. As OST has grown and diversified, Jim has engaged with clients on product strategy, IT transformation, cloud enablement, CIO-level organizational change management, DevOps and IoT program leadership. Creating value by connecting the Data Center disciplines of the past to the Design-centric disciplines to help businesses leverage technology more effectively is a place of special focus for Jim in his recent engagements.

Jim has been heavily involved in OST’s healthcare initiatives where he has leveraged his decades of experience in healthcare, enterprise applications and systems architecture to design high performance infrastructures for the Epic EHR application and the client systems such as VDI for the access tier. He has also been directly engaged with the OST analytics team on assisting customers in the adoption of analytics to create substantial value and new revenue opportunities leveraging Big Data. In this space the combination of architecture, data visualization and design can be used to develop important new actionable insights.

Jim sits on the advisory board for the computer science/IS departments of Calvin College and Grand Valley State University Computer Science. He is an avid reader of all types of non-fiction and literature and most mornings can be found paddling a kayak, canoe or SUP before work. On the weekends, family and serving with his wife Ann at their church is a major focus.

Lastly, we must confess that some of OST’s peculiar culture is a direct derivation of Jim’s unorthodox style.