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November 19, 2019

Download the Product Company's Guide to Launching a Smart Product

A Product Company's Guide to Launching a Connected Product Blog

Connecting Your Product Doesn’t Mean You’re Connecting With Consumers

At OST, we work with companies to holistically approach connected product design and development. We have years of experience helping global businesses and medical device manufacturers successfully build digital ecosystems for their smart products. And we’ve distilled some of that knowledge and expertise into this guide for organizations at any stage of their connected product journey.

Overcome the Challenges of Smart Product Development

Converting an existing device into a connected product seems relatively simple at face value, but many organizations struggle as they encounter unknowns and hurdles along the way. To help you plan, design, and develop smart products, our team has put together a guide to the four central components of smart product development:

  • Building something people want
  • Designing meaningful experiences
  • Organizing and aligning your teams
  • Collecting, managing, and leveraging data

To launch a successful smart product, your expertise in manufacturing is still crucial. But you also need new capabilities, new business models, and new tools. Download this guide today and you’ll be on your way to smart product success.

A Product Company's Guide to Launching a Connected Product Tile

The Product Company’s Guide to Launching a Connected Product

You have plenty of experience making products. Now it’s time to connect them, generate data, create insights, and improve your business.



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