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Updated September 16, 2020

How Businesses Can Maintain Velocity During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Roundtable Takeaways With Notebook in Background

No two people will share the same experience through this pandemic, and our hearts go out to all of those who have lost loved ones; who are overworked, underequipped and fighting to effectively treat as many patients as they can; who are struggling through unexpected personal and financial hardship; and who are doing what they can to help, protect and bring joy to others.

There are no words to make this situation better, so we are turning to what’s familiar. At OST, that means caring for each other, delivering on our promises to clients and helping organizations solve the unique challenges they are up against. Much like individuals, no two businesses will share the same experience through this coronavirus pandemic either.

Starting in mid-March, OST began hosting virtual roundtable sessions with clients, partners and other organization leaders in our professional network to help open lines of communication and share some of the creative ways that manufacturers, healthcare organizations and other businesses are managing, adapting and innovating in this fast-paced and sometimes chaotic environment.

We may not have all of the answers, but we know that when people come together to address our common challenges, we have more powerful solutions as a result.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the advice, tools and other insights that have come up during these candid, collegial discussions. We plan to continue offering these roundtables, and if you’re interested in joining in the future, please contact us. We’ll continue to update this webpage over time to share ideas and help organizations navigate through this evolving situation.

As organizational leaders, our decisions today can benefit the organization as we return to normalcy. Learn what new challenges other businesses are facing—and how to overcome them.

Green Image of a pile of building blocks. Text reads “New normal?”

As the nature of work continues to change, we are sharing some important lessons and tips we’ve learned working with clients — and each other — along the way.

A couple months ago, working remote was considered a perk by many employees and employers. While definitely gaining momentum, it was still considered a luxury for most companies, one they hadn’t totally figured out how to support at scale. But, times changed. Quickly.

Adapting and Thriving Amid Economic Uncertainty
How to Manage Competing Values
Laptop with overlaid text: Remote tools of the trade

We dedicated time to connect with organizational leaders throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and we have compiled an ongoing list of the tools these leaders use and recommend to connect and empower their remote teams.

Image of an Agile Project Board

Get practical tips straight from our SAFe and Agile coaching and consulting team to help you maintain forward project momentum, even with a distributed workforce.

Telehealth expert Joe Brennan and OST’s CIO Jim VanderMey have a discussion about what coronavirus has done to the telehealth industry.

OST: Your Trusted Digital Transformation Partner

At OST, we understand the struggles your organization is facing during this time. We’re up against similar challenges, our partners are facing them and our clients are going through them. We’re here to help.

We’re keeping organizations connected, even while their workforce is scattered. We’re creating new connections between people and leaders to share insights and strategies. And we’re working side by side with our clients and their teams to get through this difficult situation.

If you need help, let’s start a conversation.



Stay up-to-date with OST blog posts.

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