Accelerate your Connected Product with the IoT Foundation

Serverless Architecture IoT WhitepaperA key value proposition of an IoT strategy is the ability to drive business value. But before a business can build a connected product, it needs a platform that meets the foundational principles of an IoT solution.

What is OST’s IoT Foundation?

The IoT Foundation is an AWS IoT starter kit that brings all the benefits of serverless architecture to your connected product from the start, so you can begin creating value as fast as possible. IoT Foundation utilizes various AWS tools, including AWS Lambda and AWS Cognito to create a secure, stabile and agile environment for your connected product.

Download our IoT Foundation Whitepaper to learn more.

Download the IoT Foundation Whitepaper

Serverless Architecture Framework for AWS IoT
Plug and Play Features
iot device management

IoT Device Management

Extends AWS IoT Core, including Device Onboarding, automated provisioning, and manual device onboarding for R&D.

IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity

Leverages AWS IoT Core to support device connectivity. Devices can communicate over MQTT, HTTP, and MQTT over websockets.

IoT User Management

IoT User Management

Allows a flexible user registry model supporting both AWS’s native Cognito registry or a bring your own user pool integration.

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