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Service and Infrastructure Alignment

The truth? We have some serious issues with the word “probably.”

You need to feel completely confident in the strength of your systems and their ability to support your business needs. There’s no room for probably. At OST, we’ve built the most stable environments in the industry for mission critical applications—and entrusted them to our Managed Services gurus to keep the lighthouse on and the ships off the rocks. Our team of remote support specialists works their magic at night, so you can wake up well rested and secure.

We use best practice architecture and the right balance of traditional (Type 1) and agile (Type 2) approaches to support a BiModal IT organizational model. Advanced monitoring and notification technology? Check. We deliver a customer specific support portal to analyze common issues, as well as plans to solve them once and for all. We help customers all over the world mix, match and utilize HPUX, Windows, Solaris, AIX, Oracle, Informix, SQL…the works.