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Cloud Management & Orchestration

The cloud continues to excite, confuse, and taunt businesses with its promises to change the way IT is delivered. (Oooo…that one looks like a camel in a top hat.)

The reality is that cloud computing is a journey not a destination. Enabling and managing a cloud solution can be as complex and ever changing as that cloud itself. Understanding and enabling multi-sourced consumption and delivery models allows enterprises to personalize their service delivery and take advantage of the dynamic cloud marketplace. However, with that flexibility comes complexity. IT organizations need to identify which workloads fit, choose the best platform(s), and then enable dynamic automation, orchestration, integration and support for success.

OST Cloud Service Automation centralizes and manages the entire IT value chain through orchestration and cloud brokerage capabilities to unify the consumption, delivery, and management of multi-sourced, hybrid cloud environments—including on-premise cloud—allowing enterprises to customize their strategy and take advantage of the first-rate pricing and performance for any given scenario.

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