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Application Platform Support

Who ate the last gluten-free donut? Your internal IT staff already has enough to deal with, without battling one-off applications, server platforms or databases. (And don’t even get us started on legacy applications or those insane apps no one ever lists on their resume.) Actually, to be honest, we kind of love that stuff. Like a cleaning crew in a fraternity house, we’ll clean up the crazy. And fill in the gaps. Maybe you’re a little short on Oracle expertise? Or you’re a Windows shop and you have a single UNIX server? Or you just want to hand off day-to-day administration and systems monitoring so your team can focus on the core applications? Whatever your story, we can help.

OST has been at the forefront of innovations in Healthcare delivery systems for years, transforming the experiences of both providers and patients alike. Our virtuoso tech team holds coveted certifications from leading EHR platforms and OEMs positioning OST to revolutionize Healthcare system support.

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