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Virtual End User Computing (VEUC)

Virtual End User Computing Environment. Got it. Wait…what are we talking about?

Virtualized desktops and application virtualization solutions provide IT departments with a streamlined way to deliver, protect, and manage Windows desktops and applications—all while keeping costs down and ensuring folks can work anytime, anywhere, across any device. Coverage is the name of the game here. Computing is performed at the server level, not with the individual user device, providing plenty of flexibility and access while locking down security and data protection issues.

At OST, we’ve developed an unparalleled approach for Virtual End User Computing (VEUC). The real muscle comes from an emphasis on user adoption and buy-in through human-centered design thinking. This is a markedly different approach from all those offerings that focus primarily on technical infrastructure assessments. Different and better. The human-centered approach embraces end-user involvement in your organization, driving strong executive ownership and engaging core end-user champions—all of which are critical to a winning implementation.

We are one of only a few seasoned North American solution providers in this category. We hold the highest level of certification for VMware and multiple Master SAN architects, which loosely translates to “we’ve totally got this.” Five-star security. Lightning-fast deployment. Ease of scale. Improved desktop standardization. Superior back-ups and disaster recovery. Effortless manageability. Remote user support. Virtual desktop benchmarking.

And lower costs, to boot.

The financial advantages are significant and material. While most of the cost is born by IT, the benefits are realized by your entire business team. We can help you determine the lowest cost, lowest risk, absolute best solution for you.

All that, combined with a near 100% customer satisfaction? Well, just VEUC at that!