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UNIX Solutions

Is your organization running some of its mission critical applications on UNIX? (Funny answer: “Well, we were using eunuchs for a while, but we lost all of our baritones for the holiday choir concert.”) Are you having trouble bringing your environment to the next level? The OST Data Center Solutions team has the answer. Heck, we have more than just the answer – we have the guy who wrote the book on UNIX administration. Now, we realize that people use that expression a lot, but he did, literally, write the book. Two of them, actually. Not only has one of our Lead Unix Engineers written two highly acclaimed tomes on UNIX, he even teaches it to students all over the United States. 

UNIX remains only one of a very few operating system robust enough to deliver effective distributed computing solutions enterprise-wide. Transforming the raw power of UNIX into an effective enterprise architecture isn’t easy, but nothing ever is, eh? No worries. OST will show you how, step-by-step. 

It begins by reviewing the key principles of UNIX-based system design, from requirements analysis to capacity planning, understanding two-tier, three-tier, n-tier and Musketeer architectures (just wanted to see if you were still paying attention), and how to maximize both availability and scalability. We’ll walk through your UNIX networking in depth – from choosing network technologies and clustering to planning for DNS. Our team will provide detailed coverage of UNIX support, security, messaging, integration with Wintel and other desktops, deploying SAP and Oracle Financials, managing your network, and more. Boy, that does sound complicated. Good thing we really know what we’re doing. In fact, we also offer knowledge of UNIX in high-performance video, ISP, engineering and telecom applications. 

Whatever your role in the UNIX-based choir – soprano, alto or that all-important baritone – OST is the partner you’ve been waiting for.