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Storage Solutions

So storage growth is off the charts. You need to optimize storage capacity. Without a plan, you will soon be swimming. You’ve come to the right place. We especially like working on demanding enterprise environments. We’ve created SAN solutions for Fortune companies with more data than you could shake a stick at. 1,000 terabytes of data? Sure, how do you need it?

Imagine an enterprise data architecture as responsive and adaptable as you are. Our Enterprise Data Storage Solutions offer better performance for your money, making the most of your existing storage assets. If you have various vendor solutions in place, we’ll make sure they don’t step on each other’s toes. We can also help you efficiently manage the lifecycle of your information. With OST, you can expect a highly virtualized architecture and a unified, centrally managed environment. 

The storage possibilities are endless

Managing the lifecycle of information

Many retention policies in place today address paper-based information. In fact, as much as ninety percent of a company’s data is in digital format, most of which will never be printed.

Information lifecycle management (ILM) today calls for rethinking the storage architectures of the past. OST’s extensive hands-on knowledge of storage hardware and software can help your organization deploy new storage area networks (SAN) infrastructures that support effective management throughout the lifecycle of information. 

For companies with complex, multitier and multivendor storage environments, OST can help develop and implement strategies that align the value of various data sets with the most suitable storage solutions. The result is a more efficient use of space, more appropriate staffing, and faster response times.

OST SAN Solutions deliver:
  • A highly virtualized architecture
  • Interoperability of the various vendor solutions in place
  • A unified and centrally managed environment
  • A significant improvement in the price/performance ratio
  • Deriving more from your existing storage assets
  • A responsive and adaptable architecture

Take it for a test drive

Come on over. We have a multi-vendor SAN environment set up with five terabytes of disk space along with with various server flavors. We’ll be happy to simulate your environment and expand your SAN solution horizons. Got another issue? We’ll be happy to join you in waving goodbye to your storage problems.