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Linux Solutions

Are you considering a new LINUX roll out…or a UNIX to LINUX migration for one of your mission critical applications?  

With the advancements in Intel’s x86 family of processors, Linux has become the go-to Operating System for many applications. Linux can also be used to harness the power, availability of features, and robustness of RISC architecture in these processors. 

At OST, we believe the power of Enterprise Linux is truly astounding. We’ve been at the forefront of embracing Linux for over 8 years and have implemented a range of solutions for medium to large Enterprises. We also have a great deal of experience in migrating customers from UNIX to LINUX with applications like SAP, Epic, Baan and Oracle Apps. We are even proud to boast a few Community contributors for Linux on our staff. 

Our depth of UNIX skills is unparalleled in the industry – many say it’s the very core of OST. We have deployed solutions for fifteen years on many ERP platforms including SAP, BAAN and Oracle Apps running on an array of databases. Now, we’re able to utilize those same best practices developed over time and apply them to the Enterprise class solutions based on Linux. If RedHat and Suse Enterprise Linux mean something to you, rest assured OST speaks your language. In fact, OST implemented the first Oracle RAC solution on RedHat Cluster years ago using iSCSI for a Baan application. (And if you understand that, you really need to get out more often!) 

A leader in delivering Unix and Linux solutions, we have successfully migrated several SAP and Baan customers from traditional RISC/Unix to x86/Linux platforms building the same kind of High Availability and Disaster Recovery features they demand. We’ve also championed the delivery of Health care solutions such as EPIC on Linux and demonstrated the ruggedness of the solution to our customers.  

So, if this all makes sense – great! If not, don’t worry. Our team at OST understands Unix and Linux computing systems inside out, and we’re experts in the business of building the best solution for your business.