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Data center consolidation and data center virtualization is one of our sweet spots. We see the big picture. We understand the underlying business applications, their system requirements and how they all work together. That understanding is what makes us different. It bleeds into everything we touch. We can’t help it.

So what exactly do we hope to accomplish? We want to help your company reduce annual operating costs, maintain or improve systems availability and performance, use less storage space in the data center, and make IT tasks more efficient overall.

OST can also assist in decisions regarding server platforms, storage platforms and data virtualization software choices. On the storage front, OST was named as the second fastest growing storage focused IT solution provider in America in 2005 (we realize that 2005 was a long time ago, but relevant in that we have been at this for a long time) and was named to CRN’s Fast Growth 100 fastest growing solution IT solution providers in America for three of the past five years. Storage is an integral component when implementing data consolidation and virtualization.