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Web, Mobile, and Desktop Application Development

It seems everywhere you turn these days, businesses are utilizing web, mobile or desktop applications. (Yes, we love Angry Birds too. No, that’s not what we’re talking about.) From speeding up “go to market” strategies to ensuring potential customers and employees can access info anytime and anywhere, the need for secure, real-time information is good business 101. 

So, where to start? Mobile versus Desktop? HTML 5 or Silverlight? iPhone or Android? Questions abound.

That’s where OST’s Custom Application Development Team comes in. Our senior-level developers may appear young and fit, but they offer hundreds of combined years of experience in programming and are just the genius nerd posse your business needs to build strategy and solve problems with the right application. No opportunity is too big or small for these folks. 

  • Responsive mobile web 
  • Enterprise content management 
  • Platforms, modules 
  • Product development 
  • Single sign-on 
  • Back-bone solutions 
  • Reactive applications


MOBILE & TABLET solutions include: 

  • Web 
  • Responsive web 
  • Single-page apps 
  • Native mobile 
  • Cross platform mobile 
  • Augmented reality

Web App Development 
HTML 5 Apps, eCommerce, Content Management and custom functionality are our specialties. We also make a great chicken chili. Above all, we have a deep understanding of how to solve business challenges with elegant custom web-based application solutions, and understand the critical balance between design and functionality. Add to that a proven track record of partnering with our clients’ marketing/design teams—or bringing in our experts when needed—and you’ll see that functional applications can be downright beautiful. 
Mobile App Development 
iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7. Yup. We work with all of them. We also know how to build cross-platform native and mobile web solutions. We understand phones and tablets, as well as all the integration scenarios with your existing business systems.  
Desktop App Development 
We understand the desktop and how fast that landscape is changing. Just consider what might be coming next from those evil geniuses at Microsoft. Despite rumors to the contrary, the desktop is far from dead. We’re here to help clients with custom desktop application development. We can also take those existing applications and make them sing. Sometimes a desktop application is flat out the right choice. We help our clients think through the business problems, develop solutions and integrate with existing internal or external systems. 
Just a few satisfied clients: 

  • Amway 
  • FTC&H 
  • Johnson Controls 
  • Kellogg’s 
  • Legal Copy Services 
  • Metro Health 
  • Pfizer 
  • Priority Health 
  • Spectrum Health 
  • Thomson Reuters

We are also a Certified Microsoft Partner and Xamarin Certified Developer.