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Recruiting Solutions

It's all about the people

In business, I guess you could say “it’s always about the people,” but when it comes to recruiting — people really are our business. In recent years, IT recruiting solutions has evolved, and there are certainly some very qualified cats out there. However, we often see IT staffing companies grabbing talent wherever they can find it and literally throwing these resources at clients — without any real vetting or attention to detail. OST doesn’t operate this way. We never have. Around here, we believe that the consultants we choose to endorse, and the clients we recommend them to, deserve a higher level of respect and attention. We also understand that when you devote the time to really know your candidates, and take an active role in their careers, they’re more likely to thrive —and provide the joy-inducing, top-notch work you crave.

Our experience in this industry runs deep. We recognize that the right fit isn’t just about a stellar bio or great technical qualifications. In order to really flourish in enterprise IT recruitment, you need seriously talented people who are also driven by the same vision and values that have made your company successful.

And well connected? That’s us. Our OST recruitment pros are tuned into all the latest networks and tools, allowing us to cast a wider net as we filter down to your ideal candidate. Add that to our 30+ years of collective recruiting experience, and you’ll find our team to be as strong as the one we’re building for you. One last thing. While we may deliver first-rate IT talent (and we do!), it’s driven by something beyond a tireless dedication to excellence. It’s driven by unflagging support for our clients’ revenue growth. Because we’ve always understood that when you make the best IT placements, you also reduce your clients’ direct cost per hire — and greatly improve new employee retention, speed to hire and manager satisfaction. Just think of it as a win-win…win…win!

“I have been extremely pleased with the performance of OST’s Recruiting Solutions team. Their professionalism, attention to detail, communication skills, industry knowledge and dedication to the job has helped us deliver a number of challenging IT projects with excellent outcomes……because of that, OST and their team will continue to be an integral part of our EPMO resourcing plan and play a vital role in how we continue to deliver solutions that improve our patient, consumer and customer experience’s.”

– Brian Krajewski,

Director, Enterprise Portfolio Management Office, Spectrum Health

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If you’ve never worked with us before, then you’re really in for a very different kind of recruiting experience.

At OST, people always come first. Our evidence of success is moving you closer to your own career goals — and nothing makes us happier than when you succeed. By listening to you and really understanding what you want to accomplish, we can carefully and deliberately find an opportunity that’s just the right fit. An opportunity that perfectly reflects your capabilities, experience and potential. Cinderella time.

If you ask anyone who has worked with us, they’ll tell you there’s a reason why our consultants have such longevity. It’s a direct result of the quality projects we offer and the way in which we treat our consultants. At OST, we truly care about the personal and professional path of each individual on our team. We believe it shows.