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Recruiting and Interviewing Support

We know great talent when we see it. At OST, we’re here to help you find incredible people, leveraging the depth of our technical team to screen and interview. Our approach leads to higher caliber candidates who are in sync— technically and culturally—with your business.

OST helps clients search out and hire the kind of App Dev and IT employees they covet. We’re matchmakers of the highest order and have a long history of not only delivering first-class consulting and project work, but helping our clients build their own deep bench of talent. We can help you cultivate your business by delivering the ideal IT-oriented candidate—short or long-term.


Why OST?

OST is different. Here, our culture is truly built around putting employees first. We take the things we learn, the things we do, and a powerful culture of innovation… and mix them in a big bowl to generate solutions for some of our clients’ most challenging problems. We do this not because it’s our job—and it actually is—but because that’s just how we’re wired.

We’ll also help you sleuth out some new ways to make your workplace as attractive as you can to potential hires. We really get these folks—we know what they’re looking for and we’ll share their secrets with you. We can help you make adjustments and pivot as needed to help you build the best possible team…and your business.


Here are just a few scenarios for when you should call us:

  1. Do you have a growing business that could use a healthy dose of technical innovation?
  2. Have you contracted or hired outside help, but things just aren’t rolling fast enough?
  3. Could you do more to meet customer demand if you just had better systems and app developers?
  4. Do you need help making the adjustments needed to naturally attract top developers and IT people?