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DevOps Enablement

Are you ready for the corporate cultural shift needed to enable DEVOPS? Our expert consultants are here to help clear the path.

We believe in DEVOPS. In fact, we’ve dedicated years to Enterprise IT. If you’ve done your time in this industry, then you probably have your own stories (and scars) to confirm that DEVOPS is the right path. The benefits will abound…and your organization will thrive.  

Why OST?


When to call us?

  1. Do you have a project that could benefit from an Agile process, and need a partner to help lead by example?
  2. Is your business looking for more functional applications with greater speed, predictably and quality?
  3. Would you like to dovetail systems and business to optimize business processes—greater revenue, lower operating costs?
  4. Do you want to grow team talents and increase productivity?
  5. Do you have a team or a vendor that just doesn’t seem to “get” your vision?
  6. Are there manual processes churning out time-sucking, busy work across multiple systems?



  1. Are you trying to steer application development and IT operating costs down, while driving productivity and quality up?
  2. Does your business depend on custom applications?
  3. Do you feel like the app dev and IT operations departments could be generating a lot more value?


App Dev Manager

  1. Are you managing a team that could really use some dedicated focus time on development tasks?
  2. Need more process transparency—including the ability to view a demo after each source code commit?
  3. What about a faster, more agile development team for happier users?
  4. Would it help if an application could be deployed several times per day…without downtime?
  5. How about the ability to measure quality in a meaningful way?
  6. Do you want to leverage cloud environments to cut costs and amp up developer velocity?