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Continuous Delivery Enablement

OST Application Development

Struggling to get software out there on a predictable schedule? That’s the big problem with not adopting a continuous delivery system. We see continuous delivery from all angles and have the expertise to help you massively improve the value added by your application development and IT operations teams.

We believe that continuous delivery is the heart of the DEVOPS movement.  It’s critical to improved productivity, feedback and cost savings from your application development and IT operations teams. Trust us—you will see the benefits everywhere.


Why OST?

OST understands continuous delivery and where it can take your company. We have the expertise to help get you started—and keep things rolling.  

We’ve lived the journey of continuous delivery ourselves—and have helped many of our clients implement these processes and tools as well (git, teamcity, atlassian bamboo, jenkins, VSTS, powershell, puppet, docker and many deployment environments on premise and in the cloud). We’ve mastered how best to speed feedback between your business and development and IT operations teams.

We get it—but we don’t just talk about it. We lead by example. We’ll consultatively share our knowledge, help you implement changes, and support your teams, so you’ll see real improvements…fast.


We all look at problems differently. Does your role have you thinking of just some of the following questions? OST can help.


  1. Are you trying to steer application development and IT operating costs down… while raising productivity and quality up?
  2. Does your business depend heavily on custom applications?
  3. Do you feel like the app dev and IT operations departments could generate much more value?


App Dev Manager

  1. Are you managing a team that could really use more time to just focus on development tasks?
  2. Do you want more visibility into work in process itself—including the ability to view a demo right after each source code commit?
  3. Want to increase the speed of your development team and make users happier?
  4. Would it be helpful if an application could be deployed multiple times per day, without downtime?
  5. Would you like to be able to measure quality in meaningful ways?
  6. Do you want to leverage cloud environments to drive down costs and increase the pace of development?