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Software applications and business needs: A “match” made in heaven

Executives and ten-year-old girls talk…a lot. But when it comes to discussing software evaluation or software selection criteria – for an entire business or specific department – much of the discussion can be just that. Talk. C’mon. Be honest. Who has the time for another conference room “brainstorm” that nets a lot of hot air but no clear direction on how to accomplish the task at hand? We can help.

The team at OST can help you blend business needs.

Technical expertise in: 

  • Infor 
  • SAP 
  • Plex 
  • EMR  
  • And more.  

Bottom line…you know your business and OST knows how to organize your business processes with the software required.

Think of OST as the between software applications and business – without those annoying commercials. We’ll start by documenting each process to ensure complete understanding of your business needs. Next, we’ll develop a software selection project plan to get the job done through careful evaluation of each process. From there, a short list of vendors will be compiled based on the evaluation criteria. Finally, OST will work with your organization on a final review of proposals, selecting the best vendor and negotiations.

So, let us play matchmaker for these crazy kids and we’ll make sure you get invited to the wedding. Software applications and business needs … ain’t love grand?