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Just In Time Inventory

Project deployment is a lot like a traffic jam, with all that banging on the steering wheel and swearing. Well, maybe not the banging. There always seems to be some hold up. It’s 3, 5, even 10 weeks after project approval and your go-to-market strategy just isn’t working. What’s your move? Tell your customers they have to wait? Not good. At OST, we have a better solution.

If you’re responsible for deploying millions of dollars in technology – from servers and storage to networking and everything in between – going from approval to project deployment is major. Not only do we understand it. We’ve lived it.

A little story. We helped a multi-billion dollar global information source for businesses and professionals identify a process that was soaking up more than six weeks from the time capital was approved and we squeezed that down to less than 4 hours. Not weeks, not days. Hours.

How did we do it? We have no idea (kidding). It’s all in OST’s ability to align funding with the Service Level Agreement – SLA. With OST’s just in time data center services you’ll be able to meet deployment where you want it and when you need it without the financial burden to IT. In the end, OST will work with you to align financial risk to match the flow to and from the funding source and help generate savings across the board. Yes, it really is that cool.