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Epic Technology Services

OST Solutions

Your Go-To Partner for Epic Infrastructure

An Epic EHR (electronic health record) implementation is one of the most significant system investments a medical group or integrated healthcare organization will make.  With so much at stake, you need to mitigate the risks that often result in project delay or failure.

Of the top 20 risks for EMR implementations – three of them have to do with systems infrastructure:

  • Overly complex technical infrastructures
  • Insufficient technical resources
  • Inexperienced external partners

OST simplifies complexity and removes the risks associated with systems infrastructure in large Epic environments.

Epic does a great job of specifying hardware requirements for Epic implementations – but they are specific to the Epic application. There are several other enterprise systems though, that are typically outside the scope of an Epic implementation that need to work together with the Epic application to support EHR adoption. OST bridges gaps that are not specified by Epic and mitigates unknowns that can impact your project.

OST understands how infrastructure in an enterprise-wide environment needs to work together with the Epic application, and how it impacts meaningful use, disaster recovery, high availability, on-going management, monitoring, security, desktop mobility, and consolidation strategies.

We also understand how to optimize the overall solution to save you money, and we work with all the leading data center technologies. Our structured project approach and experience working with Epic systems assures our clients deploy an environment that’s optimized for their needs and meets the rigid timelines specified by Epic.

Epic will validate OST’s credentials. OST’s staff includes people that have direct experience administering Epic environments.