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OST Configura Services, offers design, custom development and support for companies using Configura’s space-planning software. With more than twenty years of experience providing solutions to the A & D community and manufacturing across the globe, OST is well positioned to offer custom Configura CET Designer Extensions and support.

The term, Internet of Things (IoT), has been around for almost two decades. So why does it sometimes seem like the new buzz word? IoT is still fairly early on in the evolutionary process, clearly still in the formative years. As we dive into IoT projects, development teams are dealing with significant changes in design, technology, process, and social and regulatory issues, making development increasingly complex and filled with risks.

OST is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Visualhero, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based human-centered design consulting firm and long-time partner of OST. Together, we are more strategic in our capabilities, more capable of speaking to the needs of the technology-enabled business and fully realize the vision of OST.

Utilizing reams and reams of data generated by your business is a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. Almost every action we take these days generates data, meaning there is more noise than ever to sort through. That’s where the data analytics practice at OST comes in.

Is that a light bulb over your head or are you just happy to see us? If you need help turning your concept into a custom application that will work hard for your business, we’ve got just the experts to do it. OST has over forty senior-level developers with hundreds of combined years of experience(!) in software development, but they also know how to step back and help you develop your business.

Our capabilities in healthcare process management, enterprise transformation, process improvement, and performance management are worthy of any size operation, from family practice to Level 1 Trauma Center, and allow us to bring innovative perspectives to our clients’ opportunities and issues.

We care for the servers, applications, databases, and network appliances we support like they are our own. Looking for ways to make the environment better, helping lead the customer towards what’s best for them in the long run, and staying up late at night working on a system, not because we were asked, but because we know it’s needed. When one of us is in a meeting with the customer, discussing how we want to proceed with a project, the term “we” is used, not “you” or “them”.

Much of our reputation (our street cred, if you will) comes from our extensive data center experience. Having a centralized repository for storage, management, and dissemination of data and information — that’s a big deal.

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