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Prize Redemption Application

Since opening its doors in 1992, Mall of America® has revolutionized the shopping experience and become a leader in retail, entertainment and attractions. Mall of America is one of the top tourist destinations in the country as well as one of the most recognizable brands.

Mall of America has earned a national reputation for entertaining guests. From musical acts to celebrity book signings to fashion shows, Mall of America is the Hollywood of the Midwest. Along with coverage in many national and local broadcast and print media outlets, Mall of America has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and TLC. By hosting more than 400 events each year, the Mall has become the place where fans can meet and greet their favorite celebrities or take part in interactive, one-of-a-kind events.


The Value

OST’s application development services enabled MOA to launch a highly-visible marketing campaign in order to drive customers into the mall during the summer months.  The Prize Redemption Kiosk application that OST built was created with extensibility and repurposing built into the design, so that it can be reused for future marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

Mall of America planned a new marketing and customer engagement strategy for summer 2015 that involved the use of an MOA-branded food truck at various locations and dates around the metropolitan Twin Cities. At its food truck, MOA would provide customers with prize coupons that could be redeemed at a prize-redemption kiosk within the mall. Prizes included point-passes for the Nickelodeon Universe amusement park within the mall, coupons for mall stores and restaurants, and gift cards.

In order to redeem their prize, MOA planned to create a prize-redemption kiosk at which customers would scan their prize coupons. The kiosk would contain a Windows 7 computer with a touch-screen, a barcode scanner, and a ticket/coupon printer. The computer would be network-connected to enable access to a database in which prize redemptions were tracked.





The Solution

OST designed and developed a Kiosk Prize Redemption Application that included a cycling display of MOA-branded content (images, text, videos, etc.) while waiting for prize coupons to be scanned. When a customer scanned a prize coupon, the application verified it against the prize offers supported in the system and tracked the issuance of a prize within the database, based upon offer type. The application then informed the customer which prize he or she had won. Based upon the offer type, the application engaged the kiosk printer to deliver a ticket or coupon to the customer, redeemable at the amusement park, stores, or restaurants within MOA.

The Prize Redemption Application also included an offline mode that could be engaged by a special keystroke combination as well as a passcode. When in offline mode, the application continued to display MOA-branded content as well as a message that the kiosk was not currently accepting coupon scans. A similar keystroke/passcode sequence brought the application back online.

Given MOA’s fast-track timeline for the project, OST delivered software planning, design, and development services within a single, integrated engagement of five weeks. This enabled MOA to release its marketing initiative within the timeframe it planned.


Business Strategy & Architectural Consulting Web, Mobile, and Desktop Application Development Systems Integration

Tech Specs

Bitbucket Git Source Control

Microsoft SQL Server

Visual Studio 2013

Windows Desktop Application

WPF / C#