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Brent Sundberg

OST’s charter to “Evolve and Expand” encompasses a geographic initiative, and Brent has been tapped to invigorate and grow OST-Chicago.  Extending the core tenets of OST culture, he is tasked with infusing enthusiasm into sales leadership and entrepreneurialism in the Metro Chicago area, providing structure and strategy to this important horizon.

Joining OST in 1998 represented a left turn for Brent, who—after earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in English and Education at Calvin College, Cornerstone University, and Wright State University—left a fifteen-year career as a high school English teacher and administrator.  The journey from Shakespeare and grammar to a life in Data Center and Technical Services sales has been richly colored by the authentic and talented people who do the heavy lifting at OST.  In addition to leading the Chicago office for OST, Brent manages strategic relationships with several key OST accounts, including OST’s first customer ever, DRT Holdings.

Along with his wife, four children and their spouses, Brent is learning how to navigate life as Grandpa-in-Chief to a growing family.