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Manufacturing Client

An $11B (Fortune 250 company) manufacturer of commercial trucks, diesel engines, school and commercial buses, chassis for motor homes and step vans, and is a private label designer and manufacturer of diesel engines, parts and service for the pickup truck, van and SUV markets.

The Value

Now, IT has options to allow them to get their job done and meet their internal SLAs. Because of the multi-sourced ecosystem, the incumbent has improved their SLAs to the customer – in addition – IT now spends less time managing the incumbent to achieve improvement.  Requests are resolved 63% faster by OST than by the incumbent – through a combination of automation and engineered process.  OST reduced the VM provisioning time from 2-3 weeks down to 2 days or less, this was followed by the incumbent eventually adopting a new process that could be completed in 4 days.  Innovative technology such as EUC/VDI was implemented by OST and then turned over to the Managed Services team with no increase in IT headcount. Insourced staff were shifted to core business activities providing greater cost to value.  Incident SLA holds are virtually non-existent for OST, in sharp contrast the incumbent regularly has over 200 every month. Missing backup items were identified and captured and overall backup reliability is up. Working together with the customer IT to allow them greater flexibility to focus and support their business units has created new alignment, fostering innovation, reducing time to market, cutting costs, and ultimately improving ROI. The IT Director noted, “I have had the best year of my IT career since OST started.”



The Challenge

The client was unhappy with the cost and performance of their incumbent IT Services Provider, but their contract was not going to be up for several years.  Projects were simply taking too long, and incumbent used their contract as a way to justify the delays. In the meantime, the timelines for implementing new solutions were hindering the business units who were requesting them and the IT department was taking the heat. There were other risks as well, such as the Backups which were being managed were not occurring reliably. As with most organizations, growing pressures to cut costs and improve margins, reduce risks and create efficiencies are ever present; leading the IT Director to seek out his options.


The Solution

OST Managed Services was hired to work as a multi-sourced service provider.   Adding OST provided the customer a choice in providers. At first, if the incumbent was unable to respond nimbly, OST was given the request.  Over time, requests that were time sensitive or more innovative were sent directly to the OST queue.  The two providers work shoulder to shoulder now and have increased the visibility and availability through unified monitoring, management, and IT Operational Maturity. Silos were removed to improve end user experiences and facilitate greater productivity – ultimately bringing OST in as a multisource service provider has reduced the overall costs of IT for the customer nearly 20%.

Critical Stats

Services: Full Managed Services – Includes Enterprise Service Management, Backup as a Service, Patch Management, etc.

Employees: 11,000 Worldwide 

Systems Supported:  800+


Service and Infrastructure Alignment Enterprise Service Management

Tech Specs












Citrix XenApp