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An IoT, Data-Analytics Partnership

Our client is a global diversified technology and industrial leader serving customers in more than 150 countries. Their 150,000+ employees create quality products, services and solutions to optimize energy and operational efficiencies of buildings. 


The Value

Through the utilization of the data analytics program, JCI is able to offer solutions and services that go far beyond selling HVAC equipment. The information can be used to optimize engineering and service of their equipment, as well as determine how they deliver services to their customers based on the product data reported. The platform helps JCI do value-based selling, as they are able to look at the data coming from their customer’s systems and provide improvement recommendations on equipment.

JCI customers are able to access their own data as well, and are able to look at the overall performance of their portfolio, prioritizing decisions for limited resources. For example, the system allows users to see outliers in their portfolio, whereas before that data and patterns would have been nearly impossible to isolate and analyze. Resources are focused on those outlier buildings to bring them to spec, and as a result, consume less energy.

Overall, JCI and their customers, are able to make data-driven decisions regarding utilization of limited resources for their equipment and buildings because of this data analytics platform. The program provides an easy way to visualize and report data collected, patterns are quick to show themselves, and resources are spent more effectively and efficiently by way of real-time data analytics.

The Challenge

Over the course of a five year partnership, the focus for JCI and OST changed from Application Development to an Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics project. Business intelligence technologies saw dramatic changes in those five years, and JCI/ OST worked together to create a holistic, IoT, data analytics solution. As the volumes of IoT data increased exponentially, the team turned to a data-first approach to bring value and clarity to the reams and reams of information collected. The end goal was to create a platform that would allow JCI to handle huge amounts of data and use real-time analytics to make decisions.


The Solution

In order to create a solution for JCI, the team first needed to architect a way to ingest, store, and handle enormous amounts of IoT data. Once that was complete, the team evolved the platform’s capabilities and supporting applications to find greater meaning in, and bring value to, the data collected. The platform works at different levels, allowing for deep dives and high-level views of the data. Individuals are more informed and are able to quickly pivot, building managers are able to optimize resources to create more efficiencies, and companies with a global footprint are able to manage hundreds of billions of data sets from across the globe to be more efficient and make sound, informed decisions. The program works from an individual level to an industry level, making decisions faster, clearer, and more informed. Within JCI, the program has driven changes in products and services offered, as they have a more informed view of patterns, issues, and effective solutions. The system is built to provide multiple levels of reporting, creating real-time, custom reports, each manipulated to provide the specific view point desired in real- time analytics of the data.

The platform provides end-user functions that allow JCI employees and customers to make decisions using real-time data, along with operational health reporting built into the software. The team engineered instrumentation within the platform that reports on its own health on a 24-7 basis. The program details how much data it is bringing in, how well it is performing while ingesting that data, and provides a prediction for necessary platform updates in order to keep running at optimal levels. This allows the team to budget and plan for updates long before they become a necessity.

As the data set grew exponentially over time, the number of tools and types of analytics run against the data has increased in sophistication. The solution engineered by the OST team allows users to manage and utilize IoT information in ways that were previously inconceivable.


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Tech Specs

Microsoft Azure




HTML 5 / CSS 3 / Responsive Design

Microsoft SQL Server SSIS / SSRS Analysis Services

Javascript / JQuery


iOS / XCode