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Founded in 1994, Great Lakes Scrip Center has helped thousands of organizations. Great Lakes Scrip Center allows people to raise money for their favorite non-profit organizations by using gift cards to pay for everyday purchases. The Great Lakes Scrip fundraising program works for any school, church, team, club or other non-profit. Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for your organization when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (gas and groceries) instead of the usual credit/debit card or other money. Scrip works equally well for onetime fundraising goals or year-round programs. 


The Value

GLSC was able to refresh their brand with the redesigned website as well as re-platform the e-commerce application in time for their 20th anniversary promotions and the fall holiday season. GLSC was able generate increased awareness and sales using their flash-sale promotions. GLSC was able to retire their legacy coordinator application and migrate all users into a single login and point of entry.

GLSC was able to consolidate operations and support into a single web application and leverage the existing skillsets of the internal web development staff to support and enhance the application, reducing the dependency on a third-party for development and updates.

The Challenge

Great Lakes Scrip Center had separate web applications serving their two core customer bases: their member organizations (B2B) and the family users (B2C)  that purchase scrip from those organizations. GLSC needed to integrate the two separate web applications, which were built with separate frameworks and languages.

Great Lakes Scrip Center needed to give the consumer site a fresh redesign in order to boost their marketing and competitive presence.

Great Lakes Scrip Center also needed to support an increase in performance capability given the popularity of their single-day “Thankscriping Day” sales , as well as, their planned 20-minute flash sales to celebrate their 20 years in business.


The Solution

OST worked in collaboration with the Great Lakes Scrip Center development team and Carnevale, a design partner, in order to successfully deliver the revamped in time for their fall busy selling season.

OST upgraded the base application framework into a common code base and developed a common modern application architecture that could be extended for new client platforms and future applications. OST implemented a new modern web site design with the help of Carnevale, a design partner. 

The e-commerce platform was developed using MVC architecture to provide a maintainable, consistent architecture. Client-side Javascript technology was used in order to provide a better user experience, as well as, leverage the same technology stack as was used for the MyScripWallet mobile web application.

The platform had to utilize the existing database which was used for their warehouse management and production operations, so Windows Workflow was utilized to decouple the front-end ordering process from the backend processing.

The legacy coordinator site was migrated into the new site allowing for a single sign-on experience.

OST optimized the application to support uncharted high volume loads in order to support a 20-minute flash sale promotion that GLSC wanted to do to celebrate their business anniversary with their customers.



Business Strategy & Architectural Consulting Web, Mobile, and Desktop Application Development Systems Integration

Tech Specs

Angular.JS / jQuery


Bitbucket Git Source Control

Elastic Search

Microsoft SQL Server



OAuth Authentication

Responsive CSS / LESS

Windows Workflow