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Baan/ERP LN Finance & Integration

OST Solutions

OST Baan/ERP LN Education Series Taught by Professionals

OST now offers two Baan Finance and Integrations for IT classes, a three-day class for Baan IV and a two-day class for ERP LN.

Baan Finance and Integrations for IT is designed to “bridge the gap” between functional and technical team members in your organization. Whether you have a technical resource who is being asked to more effectively support and troubleshoot the application or a functional resource who needs more knowledge of what is going on “under the covers,” this class is for you.

This course will cover how various transactions are processed in Baan / ERP LN while looking at the tables and seeing what is really going on. Your team will be more well rounded, able to perform their jobs better, and hopefully reduce your reliance on consultants!

Class schedule:

This class is available for individual customers at your site or in a classroom setting. 

Please contact us with any questions.

Our instructors have 7+ years of implementing, troubleshooting, and supporting the Baan application. They will leverage their experience to point out specific areas of difficulty and how to address them. They will identify helpful reporting tips for getting key data based on particular fields. After attending this courses, students will have a better understanding of how Baan works behind the scenes.

  • Audience: Finance, Logistics and IT professionals

  • Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Baan software

  • Baan Versions: Baan IV Class and Baan V Class

Baan is a registered trademark of SSA Global Technologies, Inc.