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Integration, Conversion & Print Solutions

OST EPIC Solutions

Integration, Conversion & Print Solutions — Connecting systems and converting data

There are several enterprise systems, typically outside the scope of an Epic implementation that need to work together with the Epic application to support clinical adoption.  OST has extensive experience providing clinical Interface Development and Custom Integration solutions.  Whether your organization has a need to supplement their team’s capacity, develop custom integration solutions, or upgrade their integration platform, OST’s team of experienced integration developers can develop high quality solutions tailored to your specific needs in a timely manner, at reasonable cost, across a wide range of technologies and healthcare messaging standards.

As Epic EHR adoptions and replacements have increased, so has the need for Conversion Services.  Whether you are migrating from an HIS to Epic, aggregating data from disparate systems for historic context, loading data into Epic or a data repository to provide clinicians with required information, or loading data to allow the retirement of a legacy system, OST has a solution to meet your needs.

Printing problems in an Epic environment are commonly at the top of the list of help desk calls. Printing is often complicated, and identifying print problems for a mobile, connected clinical community can be very difficult. Secure Enterprise-wide Print Management addresses the complexity of Epic point-to-point printer and queue administration coupled with legacy print requirements. It provides the intelligent link that gets critical documents to nearly any destination reliably, efficiently and cost effectively

OST Solutions
Integration Solutions Clinical interface design & development
  Custom integration specializing in Ensemble & Epic Bridges
  Staff augmentation & mentoring
  Integration platform migrations & upgrades
Conversion Solutions Aggregation of data from multiple, disparate systems
  Migration and/or aggregation of EHRs into Epic
  Clinically required information loaded into Epic
  Data loading into Epic or other data repositories to allow retirement of legacy systems
Why OST?
Highest Levels of Technical Certification OST has the highest levels of technical certification with InterSystems Ensemble & Epic Bridges
Customer Centric Approach Our approach lends itself to helping our clients determine the lowest cost, lowest risk & most robust solution for their environments (our goal is not to perpetuate consulting engagements by increasing complexity)
Objective Advice OST has a wealth of technical resources that have been on both sides of the desk which affords our clients the opportunity to receive objective advice on any solution
Cost Effective OST is the largest small company you’ll ever have the pleasure of working with, our cost structure provides us with the advantage of being able to offer very competitive rates for world class services
Efficiencies Benefits & efficiencies are gained through the use of methodologies and tool sets
Integration & Conversion Experience in Healthcare Over 10 years experience with integration & converting data into Epic