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The OST Healthcare Security hat trick

80% of all security breaches are inside jobs

A shocking fact, yes. Which is why responsible IT managers bring in white hat consultants to test for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in their network. That’s where we can do you one better.

Our white hat is shinier than theirs

When it comes to ‘white hat’ healthcare assessments, our expert staff and proprietary system makes the competitors look more like grey cobbler’s hats in comparison. Meanwhile, our fast, painless, (and more affordable)Montgomery Method™ offers crisp, form-fitting results like a gleaming, 10-gallon, rhinestone-encrusted cowboy hat (the kind the good guy wears).

Industry-specific experience

We’re no newbies. Our exclusive Montgomery Method, the brainchild of noted IT security risk assessment expert Scott Montgomery, reflects the insight gained from over 1,000 information security assessments. So we can say this with all certainty: no matter what your industry, OST will bring experience and expertise to the table.

Mind-numbingly fast (and affordable too)

Unlike consultants who can tie your staff up for hours on end, we need only about 10 minutes of your time to get started. SARA tells us everything we need to know so we don’t have to bug your team. And remember, we’ve got security assessment down to a science, so you won’t wait the typical 2-3 weeks to see results. We work like clockwork, with only a 72-hour window between the time we start and the time we present our findings to you in clear, concise detail. That efficiency allows us to offer our services at a very attractive price.

Get ready for the jaw drop

You will be impressed with our deep expertise, our well-oiled process, and our illuminating results. Our final presentation includes an IP vulnerability index, a password strength rating, and two statistically relevant red-yellow-green light ratings to demonstrate how you compare to your peers. But we never use the results as a prologue to a sales pitch. We offer a full list of recommendations based on our findings, but don’t include estimates so we can keep our assessment completely unbiased.

Proud of our geeks

One last thing. Unlike some brainiacs in the biz, our team works with your IT staff in the spirit of cooperation and teamwork. We’re low key and laid back, (we’re from the midwest for crying out loud). As our FastGrowth 100 rank attests, we just also happen to be very good at what we do. VERY good. You’ll be so glad you called.

Customer Reviews

“I would strongly recommend OST for other financial organizations. I am not a content expert in security so it was incredible resource to have a national leader like OST come in and help us. Everyone did a fantastic job.”

– Harold Tram, Manager, OST Client

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the security assessment. I knew you guys were good so you would find some security problems but this is amazing. I’m still finding it hard to believe that two guys were able to come into our building for just a few hours and find all of this (security vulnerabilities, unpatched machines, domain accounts/passwords, etc). It is a good thing you are on our side! I am awe struck at the depth of this report too. Your team did a great job packaging this all together in a way that not only IT can analyze but also management can easily review this and see where we are coming from.”

– Chris Weatherford, Network Administrator, OST Client 

“The security team lead by Scott Montgomery, has been our partner for the past five years. The professionalism and knowledge of the team complimented by the thoroughness of the security audit and the detail of the security reports has enabled us to make the appropriate strategic and tactical investments to our security infrastructure that not only reduces our risk exposure but also enhances the level of customer service we provide our clients. Our expectations have been met with each audit and we highly recommend the security service to any business.”

– Jake Martin, SVP IT/Communications, OST Client

“Prior, during and after our assessment, not one person from OST ever made me feel like they were trying to deliver a sales pitch. They understood that they were here to help me do my job better and run our business more efficiently. Credit union employees with many job responsibilities appreciate anyone who can make their jobs easier!”

– Sara Cottle, Operations Manager, OST Client

“Our employees found the content and topics discussed of great interest and were all in agreement that the one hour session was too short. For future engagements, a 90 minute session will be scheduled and I have had numerous requests for the information Scott provided during his Security Awareness Training. The focus on home user computer habits and security awareness has generated an overwhelming acceptance of IT Security within our Credit Union.”

– Patrick McKay, Director of Information Systems, OST Client

“Our staff enjoyed the security awareness presentation immensely. Scott is a dynamic speaker. He entertained as well as inspired people to think about computer security personally and professionally without getting too technical. Our entire staff has a much better understanding of the reasons for secure passwords and they are more inclined to cooperate with security measures incorporated by our credit union.”

– Debra Seelye, Operations Manager, OST Client