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Epic Managed Services

OST Epic Solutions

Epic Managed Services improve uptime, decrease downtime and control costs

If you want the best possible Epic EHR technical support available for your Epic infrastructure what do you do? Cross your fingers? Break out that lucky bowling shirt? We have a better (and decidedly more fashionable) solution. What about the people, process and technology needed to achieve the best results? We’ve got an idea about that too. OST can take care of the complex Epic infrastructure, at a reasonable price, so you can concentrate on the business of patient care and running a health care organization!

OST offers a robust, complete managed services solution based on our extensive experience designing, implementing, and supporting Epic infrastructures nationwide. Sure, this stuff can get confusing and you don’t have to understand everything we’re talking about right now. Just know that we really, really do. In fact, our crack team has provided custom managed services for over ten years, resulting in a well-refined delivery model and one solid solution.

Our Epic IT Infrastructure Managed Services keep uptimes up and downtimes down. Performance up and costs down. Up. Down. Okay, now we’re getting dizzy. Being proactive and using automation techniques designed specifically for Epic software allows us to deliver a higher level of performance and functionality. The biggest expense with your Epic infrastructure is human resources; leveraging our technology solution means better productivity for users at a reasonable cost.

If doing your own dental work has taught you anything, it’s that you’re not really saving time, money (or pain) taking it on yourself. The same goes for trying to build your own technology team around Epic. As a matter of fact, the risk of downtime affecting your Epic users is extremely high compared to using OST’s proven offering. Our comprehensive approach to managed services is the best investment you can make and in the final analysis pays for itself. Unlike that “root canal” it took your dentist three visits to fix.

Epic Managed Services – Supported Technologies
  • Servers Supported – Unix (AIX, HPUX, Solaris), Linux, Windows (HP, Cisco, etc.)
  • Storage Supported –EMC, HP, NetApp, IBM
  • Virtual Desktop (VDI) Infrastructure – HP, Cisco, Dell, VMware, Citrix
Epic Systems Services
  1. Monitor (Availability, performance and back-up)
  2. Notify
  3. Troubleshoot
  4. Remediate (fix)
DBA / Cache
  1. Queries
  2. Space allocation
  3. Performance Issues
Project-Based Services
  1. Upgrades
  2. Service Packs
  3. Disaster Recovery
  4. HA / DR Testing
  5. Security Assessments

Monitor – OST will install scripts which run native to the infrastructure and which report upon activity, availability and performance. Monitor interface will be visible to the client via a secure portal interface.

Availability – OST will implement and watch monitors to assure availability of critical components of the infrastructure. The monitors will also provide automatic notification of activities outside of the norm as established in the monitor script.

Performance – OST will implement and watch monitors to gauge and report upon performance of critical components of the infrastructure. The monitors will also provide automatic notification of performance which is outside of the norm as established in the monitor script. The analysis of performance data can provide opportunity to predict future issues and proactively make changes to the infrastructure in order to prevent the issues from occurring.

Notify – Automated or manual email or other electronic information sent to denote a particular event or out of norm situation within the infrastructure.

Troubleshoot – Take ownership of troubleshooting issues with the infrastructure. Take the lead in contacting and working with other parties as needed to identify and resolve the root cause of issues and incidents.

Remediation – OST will work with the client and other parties to remediate issues in order to return the infrastructure to a stable and predictable state.

Manage – OST will identify and coordinate with the client with regards to infrastructure configuration and the application of software and operating system patches.

Learn more about OST managed services here.