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Growing supply chain and inventory efficiencies through a data analytics platform

As a quickly growing organization, Comfort Research needed help making their supply chain and inventory processes faster and more reliable. OST upgraded their spreadsheets with a data analytics platform that provided real-time information to better manage their business.

Comfort Research, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI and has manufacturing facilities in Michigan and Tennessee, are the makers of Big Joe®, Lux by Big Joef®, Fuf®, Bean Bagimals®, Classic Beanbag™ and the recently introduced Orahh™ product lines. The company is revolutionizing affordable furniture by developing products through innovation and research that deliver greater comfort, design aesthetics and value.

“I cannot say enough about the services provided to us by the experts at OST.  We have used them to help us ramp up our efforts to be more sophisticated analytics-driven decision makers.  OST’s datamart architecture team and their trainers on interface utilization (we use Tableau) have been critical to our efforts.  I appreciate their expertise, their A+ project management skills, and willingness to teach us certain skills to help our in-house staff accomplish more things autonomously, which is necessary to help us scale.  When we deem our current project complete, we will look to OST first for any of the other initiatives we want to tackle that OST has the skillset to make us better!”

Mike Zeilstra

CFO or “The Numbers Guy”

Comfort Research

The Value

Maturing from spreadsheets to a real-time data analytics dashboard allows Comfort Research to meet the demands of their retail partners. By knowing quickly and reliably where they stand on store inventory, supply chain inventory, and financials, they have been able to better manage their growing organization and provide the level of customer support they desire to their partners. Speed to market in terms of inventory has also allowed them to continue to grow and sustain their big box retail presence.

The Challenge

Comfort Research came to OST looking for ways to run their business more efficiently. More specifically, they needed to manage inventory and financial reports in a more time efficient and accurate way in order to continue to grow their business. This struggle was intensified as they continued to work with large retailers across the company that required inventory fulfillment quickly. Managing their supply chain to make sure the correct products were produced and sent to the right retail location was pivotal for success and growth in the retail market. At the time, they were manually building financial reports and inventory updates, which was too time consuming to provide the speed and agility the organization needed.


The Solution

The OST data analytics team looked at the various sources of data for Comfort Research, researched and learned their business, and then created a data analytics architecture that would meet their business needs. Once the project plan was developed, the team applied an agile approach to build the data platform. The incremental build out of the program allowed the team to support the business immediately with the highest supported items and features quickly, and add in new features in each sprint phase. Typically, a data mart is created in a months long process where the customer signs the check and doesn’t hear from the developer until the project is complete. Our agile method allowed for the team to quickly deliver value to the business, while also continue to pivot and support the needs and changing scope of their business.


Data Analytics

Tech Specs

SQL Server 2016

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

ERWin Data Modeller

Windows Server 2016 Standard