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Driving Profitability, Productivity and Retention Through a Connected Strategy

“When there are failures, the truckers aren’t making money, the customer who wants shipments aren’t happy and the drivers aren’t happy,” said Navistar CIO Terry Kline. “When a truck is connected, we’ve seen an 80 percent reduction in catastrophic failures.”

OST works with Navistar to use predictive analytics from 300,000 connected trucks to reduce catastrophic truck failures by 80%. Read the case study below and check out the article on CRN to learn more.

Navistar is a $8 billion company that manufactures commercial trucks, chassis for motor homes and step vans, school and commercial buses, and is a private label designer and manufacturer of diesel engines for the pickup truck, van, and SUV markets.  Navistar has a network of nearly 1,000 dealer outlets in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico and more than 60 dealers in 90 countries throughout the world.




The Value

“When a truck is connected, we’ve seen an 80 percent reduction in catastrophic failures,” said Navistar CIO, Terry Kline.

From the data collected and placed in OnCommand, drivers, dealers and freight owners are being provided with real-time, predictive insights and services which, in turn, are driving profitability for the company, while solidifying Navistar as the industry leader.

The Challenge

“When there are failures, the truckers aren’t making money, the customer who wants shipments aren’t happy and the drivers aren’t happy,” said Kline.

In the shipping and logistics industry, organizations are challenged with driver shortage, safety concerns and vehicle productivity. With a nationwide shortage of 48,000 truck drivers and turnover rates near 100%, productivity is more valuable than ever while downtime is costly and damaging.

Navistar, a 180-year-old truck and engine manufacturer, was looking to solve these issues by connecting more than 300,000 commercial vehicles through an IoT solution. The ability to track the vehicles’ external location and environment, including weather, holds important value for preventing truck downtime. Navistar also wanted to improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of drivers on the road. Driver retention is a big problem- as of 2016, there was a nationwide shortage of 48,000 truck drivers, with turnover rates at nearly 100 percent.

The Solution

Over the past two years, Navistar has worked with Open Systems Technologies to build an IoT solution to connect more than 300,000 commercial vehicles. While building out the IoT strategy, Navistar brought in OST to help figure out which hardware and data center environment would work best for their IoT solution.

As the work with OST continued, Navistar connected vehicles through its OnCommand Connection open-architecture remote diagnostics system. The platform collects data from sensors and electronic control modules on the truck, enabling the company to view valuable information and decrease downtime for trucks.

Through OnCommand Connection, Navistar helps customers through an array of data tracking and analysis measures. Depending on the type of vehicles, the trucks themselves have anywhere between 150 to 190 parameters to track the vehicle’s health, movement and downtime. For example, Navistar can track codes in the vehicles to determine its health and automate inspections. If an engine code or failure code lights up on a bus, the company will immediately detect it and formulate a fault code action plan. This data is analyzed by visualization tools like Microsoft BI and Tableau.


“When that data is in OnCommand, that’s where OST comes in, said Kline, supporting all the servers, drives, software and apps. “People can create and have lots of data, but OST has mined the data and made it presentable for the right party to take value from it,” he said.


Tech Specs


Microsoft BI