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Crystal Flash

Crystal Flash is one of the largest independently owned energy suppliers in Michigan. They serve more than 33,000 commercial and residential customers. Crystal Flash provides Commercial and Residential Propane, Diesel Fuel, On-site Fleet Fueling and Fuel Delivery, Trasport Fuel Delivery, Generator Fueling, Equipment Loans and Rental, Temporary Heating, Specialty Lubricants and Greases. With more than 250 employees, a fleet of 120 trucks and 12 locations, and continued growth.

The Value

Crystal Flash now has a reduced time of planning, implementing and resolving incidents – projects are completed on time and within budget. Insourced staff could be shifted to core business activities providing greater cost to value and improving the work life experience. Smoother more expedient on-boarding of new acquisitions produced more immediate results for the company. The IT and business alignment facilitates innovation, reduces time to market, cuts costs, and improves ROI.


The Challenge

Crystal Flash had an in-house IT team consisting of only three people, making the in-house resources overwhelmed with day to day tactical tasks. The in-house staff lacked certain critical skills or depth of experience, causing impaired visibility and control across technologies.  Due to this, projects were taking too long or weren’t completed at all. There was also pressure to cut costs but maintain services. Therefore getting approval to add headcount was challenging, along with the added difficulty of finding and hiring talent with the critical skills needed. With lack of challenging work and/or overwhelming workloads, the staff was at risk for turnover due to burn-out, lack of challenge, inability to learn and grow, and having few opportunities to develop professionally. The lack of standards created too much complexity, adding to inefficiencies across the enterprise. This made the growth and acquisition strategy difficult for the IT team to keep pace with. 

The Solution

OST Managed Services increased the visibility and availability through unified monitoring, management, and IT Operational Maturity. The depth of skills were provided as needed, where needed without adding headcount or payroll. Providing oversight of systems and resources mitigates risks, both human and system. With OST’s Managed Services, acquisitions at Crystal Flash were easily digested and on-boarded with flexible staffing and standards that were applied across all facilities. Greater governance and overall operational maturity helped align IT and business stakeholders, freeing up internal resources to innovate.



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